She Took Me to Paradise

She took me to Paradise


Have you ever had one of those things where you think it might be something more than originally thought?


So we had seen each other a few times, we share an industry so that alone doesn’t mean anything.  A couple dinners here, a few there. Usually with others but not always.  In my world this is perfectly normal. I date professionally with no romantic or carnal intent pretty much 3-5 times a week.

I’m a good corporate whore that way.

I get a text “have you landed?”of course not because why would my flight be on time!  So she left the airport without me to have dinner with 2,500 of her closest friends.  I missed that and had a banana and yogurt at midnight.  Life in the fast lane at all time.


The next day we catch up. Agree to meet up with some others that night. Do the official outings then the group disappears to a find dimly lit drinking establishment.  She looks at me and with excitement says.


“Are you up for something fun tonight?” Now i am not sure where this is going but agree that something fun sounds and wonderful.

She kisses me on the cheek, a first, twirls around several times like Sarah Jessica Parker in LA Story before stopping and catching my gaze with her deep brown eyes.  Her long blond hair still in motion.


In the most exuberant tone “so exciting! Tonight i am going to take you to paradise, in a way you’ve never ever been before.”


It turns out Paradise is a place in Florida, and she had the connections  to get behind the scenes, past all the lines, and plunged me into a PG 13 hell with no waiting.


In fairness she had the time of her life showing this world off to me.  Ok i may have had a little fun  (pg not even PG 13) but it seems my idea of paradise and most people’s vary greatly. Especially people in The great orange state.


Guess I’m more or a Paradise Nevada kind of guy. No shocker there.


The night ended with a steamy hot wet  ragged breath filled…run through a rain shower to a taxi.  And the now routine hug and kiss on my cheek.


Honestly it was a good time with a stunning woman, innocent or not.

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