Personal Rant Ahead….. 3


As a nurse and Mother of 2 I have been on a personal roller coaster reading and watching various media clips and responses to recent events. Just the mere fact any of this has occurred is something I am having a hard time getting my head around. Add to that my country has a POTUS that is a racist that is adding fuel to the fire……


My first priority is my children, where do I even start with them? How do I explain the amount of hatred it must take to run a group of people over with a car? The emotional response that seeing swastikas in our country with white men chanting in that way? I instantly remember various people I have been blessed to have met over the years and how these actions disrespects their lives and memories!


I have been blessed to meet and care for various WW2 Vets who fought against the Nazis. Who risked their lives to fight this very ideology that is now showing it’s ugly head in full display in our country. It makes me sick to see all that they fought for crumble in such a way.


There is one person my mind always goes to, each and every time I see these neo-Nazi, white supremacists show their ugly head or hold a rally. She was a true survivor! She had grace, strength, and intelligence that out-shown anything these people have or can ever do. She was such a graceful Lady! She spoke 5 languages and I could spend hours talking with her. The one thing she would not speak about was her childhood. She was a child who survived Auschwitz.


As if what she endured in her childhood was not terrible and unthinkable her own body played a terrible joke on her. She was blessed with a long life yet cursed with dementia. Every night her mind sent her back to that horrific place, back to the days of her childhood. She could suddenly only speak German and everyone around her were strangers. We were powerless to do anything beyond keep her safe from herself, as she fought the demons in her head.


What is their endgame? I fear it is control of our country and they have a POTUS and government in control to do just that. Just what would they do with that control? Would our country suddenly become filled with camps rounding up whatever groups the white supremacists do not like?



I suddenly wonder why we as a society are fighting over statues. Why are we trying to bury our past? When will we stop trying to re-write the history of this very young country and start facing the reality of what has and is happening? When will we embrace the facts and perhaps start being humane?


I am filled with more questions than answers. Also with fear, fear of what might happen when my blond haired blue eyed son goes out on his first date. I fear some white supremacists harassing my son all because they feel his date is the wrong color. You see we live in the South and I already saw the changes after Trump was elected. After this weekend the tension can be cut with a knife.

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