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Purple MFP Bondage Rope

Sometimes you just need to handle things, sometimes you need to know how to truly handle a situation. And on the albeit very rare occasion a you need to a get a handle on a woman.  Or more accurately tie one on her so she can’t get away…from you or the things you’re doing to her..


Before getting all up in arms and screaming to the heavens about what a misogynist fucking douche bag i am.  Let me offer a little context. Do women need handled? Nope they are quite capable of living their own lives their way.


However in the context of a series of leg and feet ties with simple hip harness in a consenual rope bodange and forced orgasm scene a handle bringing them all together and allowing you to easily move you partner around and hold her firmly in place is a great improvisation.


It started with her naked on the bed. Me standing. After a comment about how CMNF implies some unspoken power dynamic between us she playfully backed into me and wiggled her sexy ass and ground against my crotch.


“Stay focused Mal! Do not take your cock out and fuck her hard and fast doggie style!” although that might have been amazing I stayed on task and put a single column tie on each ankle before placing her on her back and doing the worst shibari style futomomo in modern history. A few adjustments and it was both functional as well as aesthetically acceptable.  


Putting back up in what was basically a knees and elbows version being on all fours i teased her pussy with my hand, brushed her pubes lightly, traced her outer lips, then along the space where they meet but denied her anything more than gentle grazes.  


Back to placing more ropes on her body a simple harness and waist wrap were slowly put in place before drawing the loops in her ankle cuffs up towards her bottom

exposing her to me fully, outer lips parted, inner lips just barely visible and glistening with anticipation..  


Now in movies, romance novels, pornos, fictional stories and our fantasies everything flows perfectly.  In reality not so much. Real sex is about adjusting and changing to what is really going to work.


In this case i grabbed her hot pink doxy.  And like the damn fool I am expected that every modern room would have an electrical outlet on or by the night stand.  Guess what? That was a fucking terrible assumption!


So she playfully told me that it was too bad that we couldn’t use the wand on her as i had planned. It is the one thing that brings her close to coloring nearly every time i apply to to her.


Yet i am innovative and stubborn. So in accordance with such began a frantic search for a suitable outlet. Far side of the bed, lower edge, her fate was sealed. Moments later with a few laughs and quips along the way she was kneeling on the bed, legs tied wide to her cute little (and yet to be spanked) ass up in the air.


“i did not set the Doxy out for you as a hint. You know that right?” she said faced away from me as i admired her legs and bottom.  A slow deep buzz broke the momentary silence.


A moan of protest mixed with pleasure escaped her mouth as the toy was placed between her thighs from behind. Going from that low slow rumble to pressed firmly medium buzz she came the first time and then in a rapid series of additional orgasms.


My hand alternating the pressure of the wand covering her pussy, the other on the rope handle keeping her safely on the bed and kneeling upright.


As her body shook in orgasm again i leaned in and told her to lean forward onto her elbows.  At the time and in my mind it was so she could be more “comfortable”, focus more on the sensations, and orgasm harder. After all she pulls hard without realizing it during her releases.


It did have the added benefit of allowing me better placement and control of the toy, a better view of her entire bottom and underside, and the amazing sight of her ass clenching and wiggling as she came, as she would try to get away, and as she would in time shamelessly grind into and hump the wand to keep cumming.


And she would at one point try to launch herself forward to escape the toy buzzing on her clit. A tug on the rope handle drew the passes tighter and kept her in place.


The heavy oblong shaped head rumbled without pause against her. She came again crying out loudly in pleasure.


A few moments later again she would try to get away. Not wanting to encourage that behaviorI  pulled her back into place, and perhaps a bit further with a cruel and unyielding motion.  Increased the speed of the vibrations and the force of the toy against her sex.  The insides of her legs were now soaked. She tensed and released, tensed and released for a few minutes on edge.


My estimation was she was close to her edge. “you need to color if it’s too much.” my hand still on her handle, vibe still in place bit having slowed it and lessened the pressure I offered as a check in  leaning towards her ear, my breath on her back and neck but said in a way that only a Dom probably does.

Implying my concern, reminding her that she could stop at anytime, but without saying that i was not done yet. The burden of continuing was hers.


She moaned and pressed into the toy. Defiant orgasm hungry little thing she is. I tugged on the handle, drew her hips back a touch further, increased the and obed the toy on her and then added faster vibrations again.


I find her fascinating, she fought the first of the next wave of orgasms, every muscle tensed, her ass clenched, shoulder muscles screaming, calves contracted and toes curled.


She called out so loudly had the police arrived sometime shortly thereafter it would not have been a surprise. Fortunately the scream was followed by a series of “Yes, oh god YES”  and. Series of pleading “pleases”.  Fuck she sounded hot.


There is the moment in some scenes. Not all but some where the bottom goes into a different place, mentally, physically. From my view it was when her cries of delight subsided.  


No longer was she trying to escape the wand. Instead her hips bucked and ground into it with a mesmerising motion. Long fluid rocks from front to back, slight side to side shifts as part of that.  She was riding the toy, desperately chasing her next release, her moans now all nonverbal, my hand on the rope perhaps keeping her in place on her mind as she crested again and again.


I could feel her fatigue as she kept going, honestly debating how much longer to let her go. Another round of releases passed. I slowed the toy,

She pressed into it harder, her motions adjusted to the new speed. She came again long and slow and incredibly intensely. After two more subsequent peaks i stopped the toy but held it in place.


She purred but didn’t move.

I let go of the handle placing the hand gently on the small of her back. She purred again.


The next 15 minutes would be spent gently and convectively uniting her as she floated somewhere in the headspace she had found during the scene.


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