Art vs the Erotic = Balancing photography and a Rope Scene 1

Purple hmp bondage rops

Art vs the Erotic = balancing photography and a Rope Scene.


On my third evening with Alice I literally went into it with a shoot list of scenes I wanted to create.  It was an awesome night and a lot of fun. Yet I learned something new about myself. When the rope top and the geek compete the geek part will win.


The plan was to do actual scenes and a series of ties with photography in mind.  So now for another fetish of mine a list.


  1. Any pictures you’ve ever seen of someone I’ve tied, the photography was an afterthought.  
  2. Never give a geek a new toy if you don’t want him to play with it…a LOT. In this case turning me loose with a DSLR camera.
  3. Hot peppers can be a fun prop in a bondage shoot. Nontraditional sure but still fun. Even if you choose not to insert them into the other person.
  4. The attention I pay to the person I am tying gets diminished by the idea of creating a visual story that I have to stop and photograph.
  5. Let someone else take the damn pics.  


We got some amazing shots that you’ll get to perv on the site shortly.  A truly Epic Boob Montage of Alice’s awesome tits, a sexy bra and some of Monk’s colorful rope (tied by me). These pics were hot to shoot, feature some great cleavage, and highlight her large breasts and their wonderful curves.


We also did a shoot featuring reflections in a mirror showing off her still marked and bruised bottom from the night before.  Some corner time staged shots to represent the precursor to the first night’s play. Her skin contrasted of each walls different colors brilliantly.


Then some kitchen chair bondage.  Tied tight  (she is a wiggler at times, and an unrepentant escape artist). Never let a good chair that you can tie someone to go to waste.


A series of corset and chest harnesses.  Then she was tied long ways to a couch which produced what I hope are some great shots of the ropes in the foreground and the all tied up Alice as the backdrop.


So as much fun as it was, as great as the pics are it’s worth mentioning the head space. We laughed all the way through.   


When I first started tying I had flipped the switch into “mean rope top” headspace. I spun her around, manhandled her a little and drew the first ties across her chest with cruel pussy soaking intention. Then the  damn camera and geek took over. It was now a shoot not a scene.


We laughed and talked and it was like an x rated sitcom.  Tie her up, talk about the weather, poke a bruised ass a few times to hurt her. CLICK screamed the camera before the pain subsided and she started giggling again.  Really who wants to see a woman all tied up in cruel rope work laughing?


So art won over truly erotic or scene based interaction. Photography headspace rather than rope head space.


We shot most of the settings on the list, then batteries in the camera died and the charger had been left at home.  (Maybe I should beat her for being forgetful?  Or just because I like to.)


So next time we will have to pick up with the two undone scenes.  “Used” and “Abandoned”. The darkest of the themes, the ones that would be physically and mentally exhausting for her. I’ll tie and hurt her, someone else can worry about the pictures.
After all I’m the more the merrier kind of guy.

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