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Almost Social

About a year ago i all but quit kink. In fact i was fairly certain that i would never go to a public event, dungeon, munch or what have you ever again.  By all means and measures i was done after years of frustration intermingled with some amazing times. I wrote about it in a way here.

This past week when Temptress asked if i wanted to do a rope thing. The first event i had even considered in over a year it took about two seconds  Sure, fuck it to say why the hell not.

In some ways i ticked a lot of boxes not tje least of which was a partner who was going with me.  I wasn’t unaccompanied which is when my head goes to bad places.

Secondly i got to meet her friends. So there was a social element. And the size of the group was projected to be perfect 15=20 not overwhelming and not overly small.  

It was a structured class with a mix of lecture and instruction.  Purely social, or free play and practice things are great but i could have done much of that in private.

In the end it very much the perfect setting. Some small group social time beforehand which made me comfortable with the entire event.  It was an unexpected bonus but just chatting over quick Chinese food and getting to know my hosts made a great start.


It was chance to meet and learn from someone she liked to be tied by.  And he was a fantastic instructor with a true passion for rope, its history, and the person he was tying.

So i learned a new way to do a double column tie. A little more about my own style. Some more about the  Sexy Little Temptress kinks and life in general.  And an added bonus about creating headspace and the different headspace simple changes in body position or movement flow can create.  

In the end i had a great time and was almost social.

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