A Date With Daddy

Close Up View of Alices' Red and Marked Bottom after getting a spanking with the Lolipop paddle by Daddy

A Date with Daddy

Alice and I do not have an age play dynamic.  Still sometime ago she decided to start calling me Daddy. It’s done out of love and to tease me.   Of course the risk with calling me that is it may lead to a few more spankings. though for her that never seems to be much of a deterrent.

The Note to Alice to Set up the night’s scene

Tuesday’s theme will be a date with Daddy. Since you seem to enjoy taunting me with that moniker from time to time “Daddy” will be giving you your three well overdue birthday spankings.

You will arrive late afternoon, be given a good warm up then the first of your birthday spankings. After which with your sore red bottom we’ll head out to dinner with the boys. It will be a nice reminder as you sit there that after dinner you’re getting spanked again two more times.

Another quick warm up will be provided then the second birthday spanking will be given. After a short break for the “Birthday Girl”  A short time later the third one will be applied and take you on a ride you will not soon forget.

A little quiet time will be had before getting a smack on your ass and sent back out into the world and on your way. Because that is what good “Daddy’s” do.


How The Scene actually went..

We had dinner first. Which meant she would be taking all her spankings in a relatively short time period. And as promised She got a very good warm up.  No seriously I actually gave her a real honest to goodness otk warm up spanking, over her skirt and all.

She had three separate birthday spankings due her and the first was not too terrible…and I think she’d agree.  There really were no marks or residual effects from the previous night’s scenes.  Which was more or less the idea and in true to form “Iron Bottom” style I had a blank white canvas to paint all kinds of red.  Which of course is such a burden but somehow I manage to endure.  (or love every second of it.)

As part of the set up Raven had packed the bag which included enough implements to provide a variety to her beatings but with out totally destroying her bottom. I allowed her to pick out a number of them (or six) and planned to use 3 as part of her birthday spanking, one or two as in between warm ups and even let her pick the order.  She saved the worst for last, but we’ll get to that.

I would use a Lollipop Paddle on her.  It was a lovely green with a tree painted on it and a Lord Raven creation.  One side a large round and thick wooden paddle face, on the other a thick padded surface that provides the ability to give a deep thud and full force swing but cause little pain.  Of course a good sadist will alternate what side they are using so keep the bottom on edge and every so often land a very hard swat with the evil side.


She took her first earned birthday spanking well and was given the “reward” of an orgasm but of course it was on Daddy’s terms. She was allowed to straddle my thigh and press into it and grind until she came.  This was new for us, she had tried such behavior before including during otk spankings but I had never “made” her force herself to cum this way.  Facing away from me, her red ass on full display as she ground into my thigh just above the knee.,

Shortly there after she would be outside having a smoke, Skirt lowered back into place, ass glowing red and sitting not quite as comfortably as before.  We flowed easily from in the scene to just hanging out and back.  Since our relationship is (mostly) play there is no Ds type stuff in the moment in between where we have to stay in our roles.  Soon enough we were back inside, Alice was over my knee and I was ensuring she was still warmed up before her next date with “Daddy’s” paddles.


Bent over the bed, Skirt up and bottom set a blaze after her second paddling she was given another reward orgasm, or more accurately a series of them.   This time on my other leg staring lustfully at me with a “Why don’t you just fuck me like a normal guy” look of desire in her eye.  After a series of releases I gave her a 30 second warning to finish up before her next spanking would start.


Before her breath came back to normal she was over my lap having her bottom beat with another implement before her final birthday spanking would begin.  She had indeed saved the worst for last and would be getting the sister paddle to one Raven had made for me.  Bent over the chair she would take her allotted number of swats with this one.  She would be marked by 5, bruised at 10 and take a series of rapid fire hard swats at random times.


Did I swing as hard as I could of.  Nope.  Did I leave her marked and sore and horny as all hell.  Yes, yes I did!  She took the full number with the last 5 being very hard and the last one only on one cheek as the other had been abused enough.  This was not a side to side alternating kink spanking but a well and forcefully applied paddling on her already glowing and marked bottom.


Alice would hiss through her teeth, had to count, tensed but never broke position yet still got a few bonus licks with board.  Don’t mess with Daddy when he’s beating you is the moral of that story.

and her reward was another “ride” on Daddy’s leg, followed by an attempt to slide up and grind my cock which was met with play admonishment and the revocation of her riding privileges.  It was all in good fun.

We’d chat as I drove her home, gave her back to Raven who no doubt made sure she was also well and soundly fucked.  The following day she was going to get an unprecedented amount of time with me so she needed a good night’s sleep.  I had some good plans for her sore little ass and a few other parts.



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