The Scene That Almost Never Happened 5

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The Scene that Almost Never Happened

There is a saying of “Be careful what wish for” In this case Alice wished for a short lexan cane and a strap that she instantly learned to love to hate for her birthday last year. With that I had promised her a well striped ass for her wanting a cane and a good long session with the strap.

This was the first of three evenings we would have a chance to hang out, play and just unwind a bit. I came into the whole thing wrapped a little tighter than usual.


So normally when I plan a scene it takes into consideration what the bottom wants. In this case Alice really just wanted time with me. Which is cool. But being me I set up a scenario where she was being sent to principal for a “punishment”.   Look we don’t really do role plays, but she does on occasion flip a plaid skirt in my direction so I seized on that and she did ask for a cane (and a very mean leather strap).


And while I have on a very rare occasion given her an actual punishment what we really do is play. Yet when I sent her the setup it wasn’t taken that way. Now was I trying to get inside her head a little? Yes! But she took the set up the wrong way and rather than going “Yes I’ve been naughty spank me” she took it to heart.   Once I realized that I felt terrible. It took series of tense and at times frustrating exchanges to realize what had happened.


Part of this stems from me trying something a little different, some of it from my missing this type of “funishment” play that use to be a fairly regular thing with me at one point in life with others. I do kind of miss that scene time limited dynamic, it very much plays to my deep seeded kinks. Was I going to bare her but and stripe her cute little white bottom with the cane? No Doubt. After all it is what she had asked for some time back…without the set up or role play.


In some places and with some people I just play. With Alice there is usually a lot of forethought and planning. Typically in consult with Raven.   The difference was it had been a while, there had been some challenges in the past year and we hadn’t always communicated as well or as clearly on every level.


Previous recent trips to her city didn’t result in any visitation. My schedule (always a challenge I rarely can take a piss without “help” these days), her schedule, parental cock blocks (or kink blocks), you name it. Which in a way added to both the expectation and the pressure.


So as we moved past all of this the appointed time came and she arrived as discussed.  So “Alice Earns her Stripes”. which we’ll go into detail on shortly.

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