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All alone for a weekend of much needed peace and quiet, Madeline watched the approaching storm. The clouds twisting and making various designs as the lightening flashed on the horizon followed by thunder rumbling low in the distance.  As winds pushed by the encroaching storm cooled the air the first drop struck her face next to the bright green eye, slowly rolling down her face. She knew she needed to get inside all the while the storm calling to her, lulling her with siren’s song. More drops fell and her arms flung open wide and head tipped back face up as if to receive the full force of the storm into her. In a matter of minutes her cotton dress was soaked, her mascara streaming across her face, the fiery red hair now in wet tangles swaying wildly in the growing wind.

Madeline turned wildly now like she used to as a child, pretending innocence had again returned to her. Then opened her eyes and found herself just feet from the old well. The stones wall waist high to prevent anyone from fall in, the wooden structure that covered it offered a minimal protection from the elements that now lashed down with a furry. The hedge row sent a shudder through her, its long spindly branched like many fingers reaching out to pull her into the dark recesses. The sudden booming thunder made her jump, she darted under the old cover while watching the dancing dark fingers sway in the wind.

Her mind drifting as her thoughts twisted. She felt she was no longer alone, peering eyes dark and sinister leered at her from the hedge. Wisps of steam from the stones heated from earlier that day now twisted and took shapes near the well. Madeline stood frozen as the illusion took shape. It beckoned to her, drawing her fear and desire together. Her skin started to tingle as her hair stood on end. The blinding flash as a bolt struck very near blinded her for a moment as her whole body stiffened. The deafening thunder disorienting her as her body fell from the force of it all. Clawing fingers now tore at her, renting her sun dress that desperately clung to her soaked flesh.

Flailing wildly as she tried to break free the twisted arms and fingers drug her deeper in. The torrent now pounding her like thousands of needles stinging her skin, a growing pressure on her body as her head buzzed. Her body stiffened as all thought left her mind, the pure white light encasing her. Every nerve alive in that moment as her scream was but a mewing kitten in the crashing thunder. Her chest now heavy as her vision was torn from her in this attack of the elements, a gnarled arm holding her down as the last of her dress had been shredded. Now bare to all the elements as they pummeled her flesh.

Her hair pulled tight as her arms were pinned firm. Her breast exposed as nipples stood stiff from the stings. One leg twisted under her as the other mired down, the rubbing of the vines twisting in the wind sent shudders through her body. The exposed lips of her (pussy) deftly attended to by the thorny vine as if nature itself was forcing Madeline to the brink of sexual insanity. Tendrils running along her body adding her every growing panic, the thorns from the hedge now digging and gouging into her as she struggle to get free. It was so primal, so raw she never expected it. Her own nature would not be denied as the blood raced in her, the branch that fell struck her and kept pressure on her own flower. Her body arching as she howled in pan and pleasure. There was no stopping as wave after wave took her over the edge. Rambling incoherent phrases muttered as she was rubbed raw from her own body’s wanton needs. All she could do was feel and experience it as the powers around her took advantage of her.

The booming thunder shook the house and rattled the windows making Madeline jump from the twisted dream. Her body soaked with sweat, her nightshirt half torn off. She felt the twinging between her legs and the flood of her own juices. Her heart lept to her throat as for a moment she swore a dark set of eyes were leering at her in the corner of the room. The next flash of lightening confirmed it, her cat sitting on the table staring at her as she had her intense dream or was it a nightmare?

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