La Chica Casa

La Chica Casa


I was sitting at the seven millionth business dinner of the week.  A friend who knew my lover lived in the city where we were had apparently told another about her.  Which is fine, i am discreet but she is in no way a secret, although some of the things I do to her is not discussed as openly.

So the tall handsome Latin walks up to me “Mal where is your La Chica Casa? I thought we might get to meet her.”  i looked at him at the time not certain what he meant. I have never mentioned having a house girl taking the translation literally.  Hell i don’t even pay someone to wash the cars let alone a live in house keeper. 

His meaning was different. “It is cool man. I could never do it but it is very common for men to have a wife and a long term relationship with another woman.”  

Now none of that shocked me but it seems that traditionally the one woman usually the wife didn’t know about the other. He’d explain one lived in the big house at the beach or in the country , another usually in a smaller place in the city   It sounds so much sexier in spanish, La chica de la casa pequeña. The small house girl is the older man’s lover.  In many ways it fit, I am older and she is my lover.

It was planned that we would see each other. Then some dumb ass caught a cold, had a low grade fever, and advised his  La chica de la casa pequeña to make other plans.

The real surprise came though when after hearing from my friend about drama and conflicts at funerals where two families show up. I exained everybody knows about everybody else. And it’s cool.

Instead we all have our own careers, families and what not but over time and in whatever way works we may introduce them to each other. And not because of some tragedy.


So it was very tough for me to know she was not far away all week.  My suite felt empty, my bed enormous. 18 hour days became unbearable for the 6 hours i was not surrounded and over subscribed.  

I miss her often, the proximity but in ability to spend time with the Temptress was far more challenging for me than i expected.  On the upside my insomnia didn’t keep her awake thanks to the cold meds.

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