Identity 2


Identity, a word that says so much yet so little

Perception, the means to deception
Inception of your misconceptions

Lies to trivialize and hide
The emptiness inside

Eat at the veneer
Of your deception

Perception the true reflection

Of how one identifies

Toxic to the core
Attention seeking whore

Games poorly played
Laying the blame

Miscues your rue
Yet you flew

Hidden in plain sight
For all to see

Never to be
Part of the three




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About Alice King

Alice has been often called an enigma. With life ever changing and evolving so have her creative outlets. She lives in the Atlanta area and is considered a "damn Yankee" having been born and raised in the north east. She is an RN by trade, a Mother of 2 and the wife of Lord Raven. This tattooed Princess is the site's very own Alpha Sub often wields brazen dares toward her Tops yet leans toward switch on occasion.

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