Carrie 2

Before you read this fair warning I have been working on some darker fantasy writes and depending how this goes I might start posting these here more regularly. Without further delay I will let you glimpse into the darker side of my muse.

Another slow day at the store as I did stupid things to pass the time. Some of the women that came in were tempting but when she pulled up to the pump I knew she was going to be the one I would hunt. Just for good measure I hit the reset on the pumps. That would take at least 5 minutes for the card reader to reset, forcing that tempting beauty to walk into the store. I watched as she approached the door and opened it.

“Hey do you know the card readers are out on the pumps?”

“Yes ma’am, they have been giving us trouble all day. We have someone coming to fix them later sometime today.” I lied “If you like just leave you card in here and fill up.”

She hesitantly left her card and I watched her hot body walk out the door to her car and fill up. Writing down her name on an old receipt I sat and waited till she returned. She hadn’t signed the back of her card so for “security reasons” I needed to see some ID. Actually we are supposed to ask but most of the time I don’t even look. She showed me her ID as I got what I wanted as she completed her transaction and left. I quickly wrote down the address under her name. I looked up in time to watch her last couple steps to her car then she was gone. I looked up her address and shoved the paper in my pocket. I went back to my job cleaning and stocked between customers walking in the doors, the whole time playing ideas about my potential new conquest in my head. My relief got there and I was out of there as fast as I could be. Now to see were my pray was living.

I drove around and finally found the place. Not bad looking from the outside as I checked it out as best I could from the car. I headed home to change and get my bag of tricks. My cock was raging hard, I finally had to stop and relieve some tension before I ran in her front door like a mad man to take what I wanted. I checked my bag again to make sure I have all the things I needed for my plan tonight. I swear the sun was never going to set as I thought about her. Finally it was getting dark and I got in my car and started to head her way. When I got there I could see a few lights on, a minute later there she was walking through the living room on her cell phone. I grabbed my bad and opened the car door. The interior light came on and for a moment I froze then fumbled with the switch turning it off. I looked up and down the street, the coast was still clear so I walked straight to the bushes near the house.

I could hear muffled voices so I took a chance and peaked in. The TV was on suddenly she appeared almost right where I was looking in. Still chattering on the phone I doubted she even noticed me as I inched slowly back down and waited. Time seemed to just hang as I was hiding in the perfect spot. Then I thought, how I was going to get in. As if scripted the back yard light came on and she was pacing around outside.  A little yappy looking dog ran wildly around the yard then did what it was let out to do. FUCK, I didn’t think about her having a dog. I ran all the ideas through my head and finally decided to just go for it. I heard her yell “Fine then, goodbye!” then set the phone down. Now was my chance. I walked up to the front door and pushed the bell with my bag. A moment later I was standing in a world of dazzling bright light from her porch lights coming on.

“Who is it?” came from the other side of the door

“Internet repair man.” I replied. I’m here to fix the line for a Carrie” I stammered on the last name as the door opened.

“I didn’t call you guys. I took out the paper and read off her name and address. “Am I at the right place?”

“Well that is me, but everything is working fine.”

“Odd, I wonder if they got it mixed up” I picked up my phone like I was calling the “office”

“Damn it” I swore

“What’s wrong” she asked

“My phone died. Just my luck. This was supposed to be my last call for the night. I hate to ask but do you have a phone I can borrow?”

“Ummm.” She stalled then gave a warry smile “Sure, you look like a decent guy.”

“Thank you so much.” I said as she opened the locked security door.

The little yappy dog bounced around as Carrie led me to the kitchen to get her cell phone. She turned to hand it to me as her eyes went wide for a moment as I hit the button on the stun-gun. She dropped like a rock as the dog bounced and yapped at me. As she lay there twitching on the floor I grabbed the dog and tossed it in a closet. I bound her with the ties from my bag and went to the garage. There was her pristine SUV waiting as I grabbed the keys off the wall. I opened the back and put her still limp body in and gave her another shock to keep her down as I backed out of her garage and lowered the door. A block later I found a place to park while I moved my car then back to the SUV and off we went into the night to my cabin.

About half way there I could tell she was coming back around. My cock hard as I thought of all the fun I was about to have with her. She tried to talk to me and when I didn’t answer her she started to scream and kick the window. One more stop in an alley for another zap then the rest of the trip. I had to keep my excitement in check as I kept speeding down the road, finally I was pulling up along the long dirt road that went to my place in the woods. Opening the back Carrie had pissed herself, probably from the shocks but that was little concern as I carried her to the house. Once inside I had her all to myself and started undressing her as she was waking up.

“There’s no hope for you now princess, you’re in my house now.”

That look of terror started to grow on her face, then anger.

“You! You’re that guy from the gas station that made me come in to pay for my gas.”

“So, you are just a pretty little thing I decided to take for my personal pleasure. So now we know one another shall we get started?”

I know taking to binding off was a bad idea right now so I cut her clothes off with the knife I carried. The whole while she tried to cry yell and talk me out of “Doing anything I would regret.” She even went as far as saying she had HIV. Though I couldn’t prove it I doubted she did. At this point I was too wound up and committed to stop anyway. There she was now, naked and bound on the floor. I slid over a foot stool and fought to get her bent over it. The fight was fuel to my needs as my cock demanded to have her. Once I got her bent over the footstool I unzipped my pants and let my cock free. I positioned myself and pushed into the opening of her tight cunt. Between the angle, the fight and the excitement I knew I wouldn’t last too long but I went for it anyway. Her yelps as I thrust in were my own personal cheering section. I didn’t even try to slow down as I felt the building orgasm in me. Flooding her cunt with my hot cum as I let loose a primal roar I could feel her body start to react and she was fighting less. She knew I could do anything I wanted to her now, the proof was leaking out of her as I pulled out and left her laying there. Going to the kitchen I got a beer and thought about what I wanted to do to her next. So many wonderful ideas flooded my mind as she lay there whimpering and crying now.

I cut the binding between her feet, carefully watching for her to possibly try and kick me. She didn’t, she was ripe for the taking as her mind was trying to wrap around what was happening. I tied her hands to a rope and led her to the middle of the living room. Tossing it over the main beam I pulled till she was starched out. Now I could examine her properly. Nice tits that begged to be used, a clean shaved cunt and perfectly plump ass made for fucking sent shudders through her body and I touched them. My cock was hard again and I knew what I wanted. I went to the kitchen and took out the Crisco and carried it to the living room. She saw it and started to go into a wild panic.

“No, please no, oh god now don’t do that, please!”

I put the make shift lube on my cock and rubbed some on her ass as she tried to twist and turn away. A few punched to the ribs calmed her some as she gasped for air. She was just short enough I knew I was going to get to sink my cock all the way in. when I pushed the head in she went to her toes and twisted away from me, her hands held tight by the rope kept her in the small circle of hell I had made for her. The right cross to her pretty face shocked and dazed her. I walked back behind her and this time I grabbed her hips and pushed in. She yelled out as I didn’t stop till I got my whole cock in. Pumping the fill length as she was on her toes till either her strength gave out or her body adjusted. Now I was fucking her ass like a savage animal. Grunting and thrusting I was going to make her feel it all. She started to cry and hearing her whimpering make me really enjoy it. When I did cum it felt so good defiling this fuck toy. I pulled out as she went limp hanging on the rope. I couldn’t tell nor did I care if she had passed out as I went to get the box.


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