364 Days and 2 Dates 2

364 days and 2 dates

I mention it often. Being in any kind of relationship with me is difficult. Even a simple friendship can be challenging because my  (professional) life is so unpredictable.  

Being in a physical, romantic, and/or kink one takes far more patience.  So literally 364 days after we first got together the Sexy Little Temptress and I went on our second vanilla date.  Which of course almost didn’t happen because of my schedule.

Now we have obviously seen each other more than twice.  But not nearly often enough. We are both navigating our other relationships in ways that challenge them. In our own way we increasingly identify what we share as being Poly.  Our own kind of Poly but poly nonetheless.

It’s a Monday night and as fate would have it my plans changed a few days before. This time for the better, a cancellation allowed me to see her for dinner.  

It was a warm late winter day, my coffee infused blood went from flight, to meetings to date night.  The valet was more than mildly confused after giving him the keys as to why i stood outside the eatery rather than going in.  I was of course waiting for the Tempress to arrive.

So as I cavorted and carried on with the staff and in no time at all her car came into sight at the top of the street and a short time later she disappeared into my arms. Head nestled into my chest, body drawn close. It had been too long, and i had forgotten how small she was (the blonde is 5=7 inches taller).

Eventually the embrace ended and we poured into the restaurant, 40 minutes ahead of schedule which meant i got to steal more of her time.  We were seated and shortly after then a sexy latina came to take our drink orders. A Moscato for her, club soda and lime plus a decaf coffee for me.  Two pots later i’d finally quit consuming java for the day.  

So a few basic facts about me. If a place takes reservations i will make one even if there is no chance of a crowd, valet is given in my over pampered world…unless it’s a city i love to walk in. And i will always choose the side of the booth or table where my left hand will not bump others. My lefty mother and ambidextrous nature has me dine exclusively left handed…excluding the use of chopsticks.

She excused herself and i made note to scoot into the far left of the booth. Not a test but wondering if she would chose to sit next to me on her return.

She didn’t which had the benefit of me being able to look into her eyes, to drink in her cute smile but made physical contact and wandering hands impossible.

We would eat and the linger before disappearing into the twilight for a stroll. Which i made roughly a block before making physical contact. Another few steps before our lips met. “Oh i get to touch you!”

It caught me off guard.  Of course she could touch me. Outside of a scene there is no reason i can think of to prohibit that.  Rather than inquire i took it in stride and simply said yes.

In a way i was young again, walking down a city street, with a woman and looking around every corner And into every shadow for place to have a few minutes “alone” with her.

My stride too long and brisk. She struggled To keep pace and pointed that out. Finally arriving at the ice cream stand she wished me  a “Happy Second date”. The clerk chimed in congratulating us. We laughed at the truth of it. It had literally been 364 days since we first went out. This was literally only our second “regular” date. No sex, no power exchange, play or anything of the sort.

We would slowly make our way back, my hand on her ass, the small of her back, my mind listening for the slightest hint she would duck into the shadows with me. .for a second, a minute, an hour. I didn’t press though as i planned to have her alone for two nights just a few days later until my body decided otherwise.

It was a beautiful night, sometimes things just work.  

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