On Second Thought 8

This is one of those times in my wild youth I laugh about now but part of me wondered what I was thinking at the time., or was I?


Truth or dare has to my least favorite game in retrospect. Barring the many potential outcomes I was the one who would always take the dare, especially if it was on the edge of being dangerous or risqué.

Host:        Truth or dare

Friend 1:  Better make it an outrageous dare it’s Raven’s turn

Friend 2:  Oh my god, don’t do that, he likes those.

Host:        Ok Raven truth or dare?

Me:          Well what’s the question and the dare?

Host:        Have you and Jen done the nasty? Or go streaking through town.

I remember laughing because I would never tell them, of course we had many times but the dare got my heart racing and adrenaline going.

Now it’s 10 pm on a Saturday night, I should have asked about the timing of said dare first too. Main Street is busy as I started to wonder about my sanity.

Friend 1:   Ok Raven you got to run from the train tracks to the arcade.

Me:           Dude that’s like a mile and a half and right in front of the police station.

Friend 1:  Chicken.

And that’s when common since left the building. No one called me chicken, I would prove them wrong. Often to my own detriment. I stripped and tossed my clothes in their car. As we were at the building next to the tracks.

Me:          Chicken my ass, you better be waiting at the arcade or I’ll kick your ass.

Friend 2:  Come on, you really don’t have to do this.

Too late I was crossing the street and started to jog toward my destination. With a few short cuts through parking lots and behind the hedge rows of the buildings. No one said I couldn’t hide. I get past the telephone company then it hits me, there is no cover for the last half a mile. Right past the train station and to the arcade. I am so fucked, and I know it. Fortune favors the bold I say to myself as I start out from the last cover.

That’s when the sudden flash of red and blue lights come on.

FUCK ME! I try to run back to the cover of the hedges.

RAVEN STOP RIGHT THERE! Came over the PA system.

Oh god damn, it was one of the cops that knew me because they knew my dad. I stand still hand on my head. What, no! not now, please no. My cock had other ideas, it decided to stand proudly at attention too. Maybe that was it’s way of putting it’s hands up. I hear the door close as she walks around the front of the car. Drop dead gorgeous brunette I tried to flirt with, of course she always laughed at me and my interest in her.

Have you lost what little was left of your mind?

No ma’am. I stammered.

Get in the back, I’m taking you home.

Fear is an amazing thing, it makes you have sudden regrets about your choices. And of course she had to lecture me all the way home how this action could have lasting repercussions on my life had I gotten picked up by one of the officers that didn’t know me. I almost wished it had been as she turned on the lights and siren just before pulling into my parent’s house.

My dad opened the door a couple minutes later. My ass was grass. There was no way in hell I was opening the door to run. Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding in the back of a squad car knows that. I sat there terrified as they talked on the porch for a few minutes. My dad’s sudden burst of laughter made me cringe and try to hide in the back seat.

Grounded for two weeks was light for what I was expecting but then again the humiliation seemed to have quelled me for a little while.

Three weeks later

Host:  Truth or dare

Me:    What’s the dare? On second thought Truth!


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8 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  • Marie Rebelle

    OMG I wish I could have been there to see this! It must have been such a sight, you with your hands on the air and your cock too 😉

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

    Rebel xox

    • Lord Raven Post author

      Oh I was a wild mess back then, really haven’t changed much just more reserved in my actions part. Though it was a lot of fun

  • Rebecca

    Loved this especially the hands on the head and the cock defying behaviour, did this give you a lifelong love of females in uniform

    • Lord Raven Post author

      It was that time in life if the wind blew I would get excited. It didn’t help she was some sexy lady. though I have to admit I really don’t care for them in uniform as much as me taking it off them.

  • Jaime

    I’d have just lied, I think. “Jen? No, I tried once, but she wasn’t buying.”

    But the streak was (a giveaway; everyone can tell you’d fucked, if you weren’t prepared to answer), and immensely more fun.

    Great story!

  • Livvy Libertine

    Brave of you. I think I’d have taken the question, but I am a chicken. And as we briefly touched on last week, there’s those body issues…Thanks for the giggles.

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