You Use to Fuck My Sister 4

“You use to fuck my sister’  was the opening line. Not a nice hello, it’s been too long, or other more common socially acceptable  greeting.  Nope there it was and he was serious. Waiting for some type of reply.  So what does a man say to a childhood friend if confronted with such a statement.


“Stevie i’ve fucked a lot of people’s sisters.”  for the record it was probably not the best retort.  However it did get a big laugh from everyone…but him.   He was fucking pissed. And once upon a time in a car, an alley, a state park, a night club and about 40,000 other places poor now bald but still seemingly naive Steve was correct. I did use to fuck his sister.


So let’s give a little back ground. Did i have sex with said old friend’s sister. Yes. Was i ever disrespectful or mean to her? No.  Was it a lof of fun?  Usually.  Were we kids and that was the last time i saw her (in person, social media posts by said brother don’t count)  so what a million years ago?  YES! Factually correct.


Sensing there was nothing to be gained i moved on to other conversations. I can be wonderfully teflon when needed.


A little while later he would all but corner me come back to it. He had some deep seeded need to know how old were we.  How long did it go on. Etc.  It really felt odd. It was really none of his business.


And had we still been 17 or 18 i would have gotten why it might have been a big deal. At damn near 50 why does it matter. Why does it matter who i had sex with?


After all its not like i fucked his mother….wait let me check. Is that true? Yes that is true i did not fuck his mother there for i my indeed be a sister fucker but in this case it can not be disputed that I am not a motjer fuxcker!


So i offered nothing more than “look bud we liked each other, and even dated quietly for a while. She was a nice girl and I have very fond memories of her.”  All of which were true and not salacious.


A few months later i would run into him again “i talked to X (insert said sister’s name). She said you saw a lot of each other for a long time”


i was hoping for a more reasonable conversation than the previous one.  “How could I not have known?”  for whatever reason me having dated his sister 47 life times ago really bothered him.  


Have i ever mentioned i can be kind of an asshole? “Stevie don’t feel too bad. It’s not like you ran around town bragging every time you jerked off. I gave the world the same courtesy when it came to fucking your sister.”  


“But we were friends” HE SAID ALMOST PLEADINGLY.  As a point of clarity he had never asked me not to have sex with his sister. And in truth even if he did, I still would have. Because well some people like to fuck and she and I had that (and a lot more) in common.


So maybe here’s the thing. I moved on.  I had written about it some time ago but really my past is my past.  I had a wonderful youth from a supportive family emviorment but was otherwise a outcast in my own peer group.


I was not exactly the life of the party or popular in my little part of of tje cousin fucking backwoods town. I went to private school 30 miles away in the city , played different sports than the local boys (ice Hockey not Football), liked D&D, had a passion for pasta rockets over American muscle cars and also quite deliberately left and for thebmoat part don’t live in the past.


In fact now thinking about it the fact his sister talked to me let alone slept with me on and off for nearly half a decade might qualify in the catholic chuch’s eyes as a legitimate miracle.


Does that mean i can be canonized a saint? Mal patron saint of carnal desires.  Yep that works for me. Look out Venus there a new god in town!


As funny as this post is.  And if you think about it a man who is legitimately disturbed about a compeletely natural and consensual acts between two similar aged people engaged in 30 years ago actually makes me a little sad.


Now if Eddie from the old neighborhood ever said the same thing to me i would high five him and simply say “Yes i did and fuck was she a very dirty girl” Eddie like me was a male whore who has no right to cast dispersions. Stevie perhaps not ao much


Now why the walk down memory lane? One because said events happened last summer and again this fall. But also because after much consideration i am going to close out writing about my life before now with a celebration…my theme for the year!


 I’m calling it “30 years of kink.”  It was May 1987 when Tracy my first kinky girlfriend and i began what ever it was we began. Over the next 11 months I will post kink and sex related stories from the last 30 years. Some short quips.  Some fond, or not so fond memories both from decades ago until late last year. Maybe even this year as they happen.


And then unlike Stevie who lives in the same place he grew up, works a few miles from where he went to school, and will never leave  (not that there is anything wrong with that) i’m going to move on and write about new things, people who are now in my life and those experiences.


So welcome to 30 years of Kink and it is my sincere hope that no one learns that i use to fuck their sister ever again. But if they do fair warning if she was kinky odds are i’ll write about her in the coming year.  

Now on tjat sainthood thing…

Maybe i could be the Malflic Saint of Kinky Sister Fuckers.   After all do what you know.

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