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“The job changes you” was a phrase that first really rang true the day after the U.S. elections. I was passing through the Philadelphia airport on my way to California and surrounded literally by weeping adults. Distraught over Clinton’s loss.

Truth be told i believed Clinton to be not a much better an option than Trump.


A different kind of dangerous but a problem nonetheless. I knew deep down she was unelectable long before election day. Here’s why.

I live with three women. One who is 46 and has always despised her. Note not her husband just her. She has never resonated with the Blonde who has always seen her as manipulative.

One who is 22 and saw her as part of the establishment; part of the problem with the federal government divided bi partisan issues and fueled by private and corporate money. She politically is as individual rights and freedoms as they come. The Poster child for Guns, Gays and deregulation.

And an 18 year old who was perhaps the most outspoken “You know why the old cunt won’t win. Because today’s young women no more want to be told what to do by some old man than they do some old woman who refuses listen and thinks gender warrants a vote.”. She despite walking the halls of a liberal University and actively working for some of the most liberal causes was not once swayed. In fact Lil and many of her friends refused to be told who they must vote for. They see women as complete equals and were offended by both the pandering to her age group and the demands that “as a woman she must vote for a woman”.

Hillary was 0 for 3 in my own home with females. That alone is a problem. In true Malflic fashion 0 for four counting me. I went with a protest vote as is my tradition in most national elections. Had Biden run or Bernie gotten the nomination that would not have been the case.

Rather than mourn the outcome or scream in the streets about injustice i have chosen a different path. As have a number of my liberal and moderate conservative leaning friends with some means both modest and great.

We have chosen to write checks to organizations will oppose Trump (or perhaps more importantly Pence) that we feel are worthy. We have decided to support with our time and in some cases our money candidates, including some not up for reelection for a few years that will oppose the right wing agenda. One who publishes her daily donations of 5 to 50 dollars on social media with a thank you note to Trump for making her have to be a better human.

I have spoken out against both sides of the establishment before and will continue to do so. Religion belongs in government not at all. And government does not belong in our private lives.

Yet there are issues that are undeniable.
The repeal of the ACA can only be justified if there is a replacement for it that improves care, expands who is covered, and reduces cost. Some of it may have to come from government, and some from free market forces in the form of increased competition and reduced restrictions. Like most things it will take a balance.

The supreme court possibilities terrify me.

The Left is trying to stifle dissent during the Obama administration has set us up for a backlash during a Republican controlled world.

Immigration reforms. Christ what a global mess. Yet i do have an assimilate or die attitude. You can not force your culture upon another, integration into the place you are residing is essential for it to work.

Don’t get me started on Brexit. Seriously wtf were people thinking?

Putin, troops in Poland, Syria the list is endless. The revolutions will be televised and spun. The truth, if there is such a thing hidden or subjective.

Do i hope the job changes him?
I do and interestingly enough there have begun to be online comparisons to Kennedy by unlikely sources and hacker groups. We can only hope that is true while working to ensure if it is not the damage and shift can be contained.

Past experience from when Bush took office tells me the religious right will become emboldened. I was albeit a small scale target of their rage and damnation in those days. A moral liberal defiling our great nation. A left wing nut job, a morally repulsive abomination. The more they hated me the happier i was. Because well. …Science!

Yet i’m in a different place now. My passport is still from the United States but fundamentally i don’t consider myself American. My family heritage is European yet other than a few (pagan) traditions and foods i am not European either.

My friends are quite literally from everywhere. Egypt to England, Brazil to Slovakia, the Nordics to Nigeria. India to Australia, Puerto Rico to Paris to Gaum. And yes my phone bill is ungodly. On the surface it is about currency and trade.

Beyond that though it is about culture and customs. Reference points of strange similarities and vast differences.

In my case the job has changed me, changed my understanding, my appreciation, and shown how complex, wonderful, and dangerous things are.

My last bastion of hope is that the job changes all of our leaders. Not just Trump in much the same way it has changed me.

And that those are of great enough strength of character to convey those things and their importance to the masses…even the ones not inclined to such affronts to their nation states superiority.

Until we stop being Republicans or Democrats, Americans or not, until we realize we are human and not something different or more the song will remain the same. We will be manipulated, lied to, and cajoled by others agendas.

And if the job does not change our leaders it is our job to change them. Or become the leaders ourselves.

That work has just begun.

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