The Highlights 5

Sitting next to her running fingers through her hair, the crimson streaks in stark contrast with the blonde. Her pale skin glowing in the soft hew of the moonlight. The cool night air caressing the bodies as looks of deep desire gaze into her blue eyes. The mind began to wander as leaning down to kiss her soft lips the sudden scent of strawberry lip balm.


The first kiss holding her at the airport last Christmas, she trembled in the grip like a lost puppy. Pulling her in close the powerful strong arms wouldn’t let her go as hungry lips connected with hers. Holding her as eyes locked and her fears were quelled.

The row that started later that evening in the bar when an inebriated man tried to make a forward and inappropriate advance at her making her feel uneasy. There was an attempt to be polite but when he called her a cheap whore that was it, a right cross sent the drunk sprawling. Unfortunately he had friends. Later that night there were laughs about being fought over for her honor as she dabbed antiseptic on the numerous abrasions.

The first time there was a sexual release, out in the open of the roof of the old cathedral. The stars shown so bright, nipples stiff and hard as savoring licks and kisses made moans escape those soft lips. Bodies dancing in the night with passionate embrace. Wanton lust laid bare as if it were a sin, taunting the gods to leer in jealousy.

Months that passed, growing closer and more brazen, sexual escapades that were tantamount to open pornography for all the world to see. On the train, the bus, a taxi and any other public place any dimly lit hiding space could be found. Passion ran wild, even amuck many would say, depravity grew and wilder and darker passions began to be explored.

The first gang bang, arranged for the safety of all involved of course. Five additional bodies writhing around and taking pleasure in the night. Masks protected their identity while condoms protected them all. The torrid day after as the hunger for more consumed her. The lust for something even more exciting and dangerous, the sexual beast driving her was in heat desperate to be sated. Even as she spoke of darker desires it was easy to see the rabbit hole went all the way to the bottom of depravity.

The short skirt barely covered her ass, a midriff shirt exposing the bottom of her ample supple breast. Leering eyes burning in fueled lust, consumed what was offered and still wanted more. Any that were brave enough to ask or show the fortitude to take it, she freely allowed them to have their way. The safeties were off as the signs of her newly found extreme sexuality often ran down her thighs. The beast was ravenous and there was none that could quench it now.

Vile and filthy sexual encounters in the truck yards and rail heads now, blue collar and no collar alike enjoyed the lithe blonde that presented herself to them. There was nothing of the timid insecure lass that trembled at the airport, she had been freed into her realm of cravings. She was free of the oppressed small town that had held captive the longings. Now brazen and shameless, fire in her eyes that was but a spark of the fire that blazed in her flesh.

Her reign of turbulence left a wake of charred lives. Lovers now professed their undying desire to quell her wants. Attempts to fill that void in her that was only a firebox, consuming all that entered as they powered her drive down the licentiousness tracks.

Back at the cathedral, a confession as her body shook. A last wish and desire, the ultimate rush. No longer able to be appeased by mere human cravings. Begging eyes as she had set this evening in motion. Again with the first as rage, pain and anger fill to the overflowing point. An allowance had been made, a flashing thought to give what she crave. The flash of the blade in the full moon light. A spray and a final kiss. The ultimate release reached for both.

A final look as the wind viciously whips, pushing apart the lovers. Now standing on the berm as the blue and red lights bounce off the surrounding buildings. A glance back as the crimson surrounds her body like a velvet blanket, at last she is at peace. A plummet down, the last step to join the lover forever in the wild passions that is to be found there.


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