The rest of the 24 hours 5

When we last left our power exchange scene Lord Raven was in peril tied and blinded and at the mercy of Alice who was given control for 24 hours…

The sliding sound stopped. Before I could think too long about what the sound might have been I was encouraged to get up as Alice pressed against the pressure points under my armpits. The bar between my feet, as well as my arms being cuffed behind my back made that impossible. The moment I tried to rise I fell forward, to my relief it was some kind of bench. New restraints were added to my wrists before the handcuffs were unlocked, my arms quickly secured to whatever I was laying on.

The tapping started, light and low from across the room. I knew that sound well, I use it on Alice before I am about to give her a spanking. That tapping of the paddle on the palm of leg as she approached. A slow raking of nails along my back ending on my exposed ass. My flesh reacted as the thrill of excitement ran over in a wave of goosebumps. I heard a couple of snickers, realizing I was truly on display for an unknown party or parties. More shushing then the first light tap. I almost didn’t notice it at first because I was preoccupied with the wondering who else was here. Another tap, a bit harder.

“Count!” Alice said in a firm tone.


A hard smack across my outer thigh as Alice sounded annoyed “That is not how you answer me today is it?”

The sting on my leg was warning enough. “Yes ma’am I will do as you ask.”

“Very good.” I heard her say with the same sadistic pleasure in her voice I often have.

For each hit I counted. They were actually light, more solid taps than real hits. I was around fifty when I stumbled on the next number.

“Start at one again.”

I was horrified. Not only had I lost count, I had to start over.

The next round was harder, I was determined to make it too whatever number she had in mind.

“One Hundred!” I shouted in an almost triumphant voice. Then another smack. I was taken back, I had never made her count this high. I stammered.

“Back to one again I see.”

“Not fair!” I blurted out

The sting across my thigh felt like fire.

“I will not tolerate this disrespect!” Alice boomed. She snapped her fingers. “Gag him! He can’t be respectful then he doesn’t need to speak.”

“But what if I need my safeword?”

I felt her hands on my face squeezing my cheeks like a parent who is addressing a haughty child. Feeling her breath on my skin was a rush suddenly.

“What happened to you trust me with your life, heart and soul?”

I felt her twisting me inside, she knows I trust her with everything but now she is asking me to surrender control. Many would call us R.A.C.K.* players, but I have always been the top in those scenes. I know Alice is just as wicked and twisted as I am.

I felt something pressing against my lips, I surrendered and opened my mouth. Whoever was helping her was adept at securing the gag without getting it tied in my hair, I am thankful for that. I have never been gagged before so this is new as I hear the paddle being set down. I can hear them debating the next toy behind me.

“Oh this one, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know if I can work it as well as he does.”

“Just give it a try, I bet you can with a little practice.”

“You’re right.”

I chuckled behind the gag. I was having a flashback to a scene that Malflic and I had done where we were testing new toys and kept discussing them as we used them on Alice. She called us mad scientist with their lab rat, or something like that.

The chuckle got their attention as I felt the first thud, like being hit with a mop. Long strands fell all over my ass and back. A few more tries to get the distance and angle right and then music. There was a beat that was being matched with the hits of the flogger. No words, just a steady beat and sound. I didn’t even feel myself drift at first but soon I was moaning and squirming on the bench. There was nothing but the beat thumping in my head, the heat rising from my ass and pleasure as the endorphins took over my ability to think.

“Such a pretty glow don’t you think?”

“Yes and look he is drooling.”

The sudden stop and talking dropped me out of my floating state. I could hear something being rattled around to the side.

“Oh how about this?”

The evil laugh Alice made sent a cold chill along my spine.

“Yes! He will really squirm now.”

I was squirming already. No idea what she was planning had my mind running wild. Then I felt a dab of warmed lube being dropped on my ass. Slowly it was worked till I felt something being slid inside me. Next I felt a sticky pad being placed right over the top of my cock.

“Tape it in place.” Alice instructed.

I heard a very familiar clicking sounds and the beep. The tens unit was on and she was looking for the setting that would torment me. I could feel the pulses as my cock was instantly hard. My body struggled against the restraints as I was humping the bench involuntary. I could hear giggles around me but they sounded far away as the pre-cum was now dripping from the tip of my cock.

“Wow I didn’t expect it to make him buck like that.”

“Let’s try this setting.”

I didn’t hear anything else as my body tensed up. It was an orgasm like I’ve never had. Lights, sounds, stars, honestly it is almost impossible to describe just pure sensational overload. A never ending wave of what started and pleasure that before too long became somewhat painful. When the pulses stopped I was spent, crashing to the bench, soaked in sweat. All I could do was whimper as the sweat ran off my flesh.

Every touch of their hands now was like a thousand prickles, my mind was shot as I could only respond with whimpers and moans behind the gag.

“It looks like using this new violet wand has brought him back around. A few minutes more then we will let him rest.”

“Okay, then can we open the next bag of surprises?”

Those words made me try to yell behind the gag. Just in time for fingers to cross my testicles. The tingling sensation felt so good, suddenly I was melting.

“Enough for now, he needs to recover before we break him.” Alice said

The gag was removed and a wet cloth was used to clean the drool off my face. A straw as places against my lips as I gladly accepted the drink I was offered. After a few minutes I was released and led to another area. Cold tile suddenly under my feet as I was forced to my knees, then onto all fours. I could feel lube being applied to my ass. I shuddered as I heard a buckle latch on.


“Just relax and enjoy.” Said the other voice.

I felt the device pressing against my ass. I relaxed as best I could as it was slowly worked in. After a few minutes my body relaxed enough to take the phallus, and it was beginning to feel good when it started vibrating. I could only moan as it sent waves of pleasure through my body. I was once again a drooling pile of goo as Alice was enjoying her latest toy.

“I’ll be right back, I need to pee.” Said the other one.

“Well we are in the shower, you can just go right here.

I heard an evil giggle as I felt feet straddle me.

“I’ve never done this before, are you sure?”

“He has to obey me today.”

I shuddered, this was payback for me peeing on Alice in the shower before. Something we joke about it from time to time, but I never thought she was going to do it or let someone else do it. The hot stream hit me square in the back and ran over my side. For just those few moments I was humiliated and secretly excited.

The shower was turned on soon after and they washed me off thoroughly. It was nice and warm. I could feel my body melting into their attentions. After I was dried and fed, put in a warm blanket and laid on soft bed. They played with my hair and rubbed my body. Next thing I knew I was in the peaceful land of dreams.


I woke to the closing of a door.


“Hey baby, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, how long was I out?”

“Well the ladies left after we had some fun of our own. But you can take the contacts out. The twenty-four hours are up.”

I fumbled to take the contacts out. “So who was here?”

Alice gasped. “I don’t kiss and tell.” She said with a smile. “But Becky says hi and Jenny did enjoy watching. Oh, and they asked where were we going to get to open the other bags and try them out of you.”

Thus ends the time that I allowed Alice control for a day

*Risk Assessed Consensual Kink


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