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Sometimes time alone with just the two of us is hard to get, so when Alice and I knew we had an upcoming weekend together we were excited planning for it. We had been talking and teasing for weeks prior to this time for just us. Smirks and comments about the paddles needing to be dusted off and all that kind of back and forth. Sitting at dinner before our wonderful weekend of being together she looked at me with that mischievous smile. I know something was playing in Alice’s evil mind, I just wasn’t sure what it was. The batting of her lashes was the signal it was about to be revealed.

“Remember that time we were talking and you said you would let me have control for 24 hours?”

I nodded yes nervously. We had been planning this weekend getaway for a while. Now I began to suspect why she asked if we could just leave Saturday open.

“Well I have been thinking, I want to take you up on that this Saturday. If you still are willing to let me have total control for a little day.”

That sweet innocent smile that often fooled the world didn’t fool me for a second as she batted her lashes at me again. I could feel the anxiety building in my stomach. I pondered this plan for a minute as I shuffled my food around the plate.

“Sure why not.” I replied

Her instant evil chuckle made me almost panic. Now I had no doubt she was planning something wicked. I just had to wait through the 5 days of anticipation to find out what.


If there is nothing else I have learned it is that clues are not always a direct hint as to what is coming. On our next Wednesday shopping trip she acquired a new set of stockings as well as knee high leather boots. This had me concerned. These were making me think she was going for the dominatrix look. She is an alpha sub after all and can switch when the mood strikes her.

Thursday she got a call and paced around as she talked, just out of earshot but close enough to hear a few words. “He will never expect that.” “Oh that would be so evil, I love it!” I could feel the anxiety turning into a turbulent mix of excitement and fear.

Friday she told me she had to get a few things for the weekend after work. Arriving 3 hours later than her normal time to get home, she asked me to help get the things from the car. Everything was concealed in black plastic bags, 5 bags all together. I know this game all too well, it is the mental mind fuck I like to do to her. I must say it was working as my mind raced with the possibilities. I wanted to shake each bag in hopes I could guess the contents but she made me promise I wouldn’t because it was all for tomorrow. We sat there eating dinner that night. I barely could eat as Alice looked me over like a piece of meat and she was a hungry lioness.

“Better eat up. You’re going to need your strength tomorrow, My Lord.”

I ate as best I could and sleep was my enemy. With my mind racing about the next day I couldn’t stop it to get some rest. Another part of her evil plan I would dare to bet.

Saturday morning I woke to the smell of coffee and walked into the kitchen after my usual morning routine. Coffee and breakfast were normal for here but this morning she had cooked breakfast, something I normally do. She was already setting the scene as the power shifted. As I stood there half bewildered she kissed me and took my phone. She set the timer for a 24 hour countdown.

“Ready?” she asked with that evil gleam in her eye.

“Sure, so this is a full till this time tomorrow 24 hours thing?”

She pushed the button and put her finger to my lips to silence me. I started to ask again. Setting done the phone her now free hand went instantly to my crotch, more specifically my testicles.

“I will be doing all the talking. Unless I ask a question you will remain quiet. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head, dumb dumb dumb. She gave a squeeze and had my full attention.

“Who is in charge for the next 24 hours?”

My eyes watered as I replied “You are Ma’am.”

She let go and told me to eat and to not drag my feet, we had a fun filled day in store.


Half an hour later I had my 2 cups of coffee and breakfast done, she sat down next to me and handed me a little box to open. As I did I felt a knot in my stomach, she had ordered me a pair of black out contacts. I looked up at her with a question but remembered she had the reign today. It took a minute to get the contacts in and all I could see were blurs of light or darkness.

“You will be like this most of the day as we go about doing some shopping. I will me leading you by the arm till we get to where we are going, do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied

With sunglasses added to keep others from knowing it was the contacts that had me blind we went out and did her errands. On the 3rd stop we walked in the quietest place I had been in for a long time. Being led around was intense as I am quite a control freak but this was like be blind and deaf.

I felt her take the blade from my hip that I always carried. She slid it along my arm.

“Do you trust me?”

“With my life, my heart and soul.” I replied.

“Good boy.” She replied as she began to cut my shirt off. The back of the blade sliding along my flesh as the sharp side sliced through the material like a hot knife through butter. The pants she took off me, but she cut the underwear off, deliberately flicking the blade across me balls. I felt exposed and being blind in at least dimly lit room I couldn’t see a thing.

I felt the blade at my throat as she pushed the back of my knee. Slowly I went to my knees as I heard a gasp in the room.

“Shhh.” Alice whispered “Let’s not ruin the surprise just yet.” She instructed

My arms were secured behind my back and my feet tied to something that felt metallic and cold. A scraping sound as something was being pushed across the floor toward me. The chills of anticipation ran wild through me as I was helpless to do anything but accept whatever Alice had dreamed up for me in her wicked erotic wonderland.


Because Wicked Wednesday is supposed to be 1200 words I will have to stop here for now and leave you all in anticipation for the next part.

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