A Bare Bottom Belt Spanking for the Temptress 3

4 leather belts laid out on an oak desk where a naughty girl with soon be bent over it for belt spanking

“I need you to beat me” she told me. AIn fact is was something she said number of times and in numerous ways including that direct statement. Sure she would taunt me one way and then ask for pleasure in a different place. Being good natured I rolled with it and let her keep sealing her own fate. Knowing her limited experince and possible even distain for the implement I decided  she was well over due for a goold old fashion bare bottom belt spanking.

In the past I had certainly spanked her, often mixing much of it with pleasure. This time despite us not having a punishment dynamic she was going to get to get a very good, intense, painful beating. It was going to be a challenge for her and something with no hints of pleasure mixed during the actual time she was being spanked. The goal was to drive her into the headspace it seemed she was longing for. of course I knew that the Sexy Little Temptress was going to get a good  belt spanking if that’s what it took. She didn’t though as I had her bring other implements to beat her with.  Which of course also got used at various points.  Did I mention she hates sting, and had only ever gotten ten mild licks from me with a belt before?

The Anatomy of our Spanking Scene

We started as we often do. And after a little (light) spanking play and some heavy petting she reached for the belt on my jeans. As a lust driven creature the possibility of her sucking me off early had it’s appeal but this was not about what she wanted. In fact it was about giving her what she had told me she “needed” and desired countless times.   The look on her face was priceless and I told I was going to whip her sexy little ass with my thin black leather belt.  The very one she had just undone to try to get to my cock.

Unceremoniously I spun her around, bent her over the bed. In a fluid motion lifted her cure purple dress to expose her already blushing pink bottom. Such a lovely site and sexy polka dot thong. The first time i‘d seen her in that pair of panties!   Stay focused. The thin soft black leather whooshed through the air, it met her flesh with a biting crack and instantly.  


Building the intensity

What started as a measured, well timed session with the belt became a little less reserved as she stated to stand.   Sometimes I play along, sometimes the resistance is only that play but chose not to take any chances and grabbed her. Pinning her in place and then increasing the pace and force of her beating. This was really just a warm up, it was to take her out of her active mind and let her focus on the moments.   In fact is served as a precursor of what was still to come.

After asking her to stand I requested she put my belt back on me.   That was a first for me. Oh lots of people have been asked to take my belt off but never before had I made someone who just got their bottomed whipped with it put it back on me. It seemed right in the moment. She was a bit pouty, a touch dare I say coy if not bratty but she did as she had been asked and placed it begrudgingly back around my waist.


An OTK Interlude. Her Spanking Continues

Some other fun and activities ensued but spanking remained the main theme and shortly she was over my knee, her dress and panties not that they offered any protection were still on.   AZs she went over my knee at first she had her feet on the ground but before starting I adjusted her position so she couldn’t touch. In part to make her more vulnerable which she did immediately comment on. It also was to help prevent her high jumper routine from a spanking she received earlier this year.

I began over her dress, lifting it after finally truly warming up her already marked and punished bottom. Eventually this led to me removing her dress leaving her in nothing but that pretty polka dot thong and a glowing red ass. I reclined on the bed and she ground into me. My cock hardened and I loved the feeling of her and her arousal rubbing across my jeans. The temptation built, I wanted to just bend her over and fuck her savagely  from behind, panties pushed to the side, using her only for my pleasure as my hips slammed into her tender red bottom.   Again I resisted that temptation.


Evil Brown Leather Her 2nd Belt Spanking

Instead opting to bend her over a sturdy desk chair and resume her spanking with my hand. And right when it was all starting to build I paused, walked across the room and since she seems to not be bevond of playing “fetch” I got out my brown leather belt.   She was peeking over her shoulder as I did. Something I tauntingly asked her about. There may have been an eye roll or a comment made out of ear shot but her head snapped forward instantly.


I made my way back to her, snapping the leather together as I neared. “That sounds mean” she said.   I reassured her not that it was but that this belt was really going to hurt. Coiling the buckle safely in my hand. Measuring the exposed length across her petite bottom to avoid it wrapping around her hip and doing unwanted harm. The first licks of the leather on her flesh left deep angry red marks. Then giving her several very hard strokes, backing off for a few then increasing the intensity again. Her poor bottom was being covered from very bottom of her sit spot to well up her backside. Making sure every inch felt it’s bite, the sting, and the pain of the swats that came before them.


Take it…Holding her in position

She bucked a little, I knew it was coming. In fact I was going to make sure of it. This was going to be a spanking for her to feel for days and hopefully to remember for years.   I stepped into her. Powered her back into position and never missed a lick as the belt continued its work in her reddening bare ass. The purposeful coverage abandoned as I landed the strokes where I could as she pushed and fought. Size and strength won out, but a few times as she began to drift away into that headspace I applied a particularly hard lick of the belt on her bottom caused her to react again. So the process continued until well after she melted into me.


Nothing was held back, this was harder than we had ever played and part of it wasn’t play. Itr was about giving her the ability to reach the head space she wanted and told me needed. It was about truly dominating her, it was about exerting my control and the surrender of hers in a way that surpassed our previous times together.  IN all honesty this wasn’t just a spanking it was a beating…which is what she asked for.


She was past the edge of pain and resistance and had surrendered, it could be felt by the lack of tension, by the weight of supporting her now relaxed and accepting body.   II unwound myself from around her, steading her on her feet and unceremoniously thrust the evil leather belt between her legs and rested it in front of her eyes on the chair.


Her bottom was marked, red, welted and already bruised. The Sexy Little Temptress got her ass beat with two of the three leather belts I bought for just that purpose.   She would move gingerly that night…despite that she would also get spanks with a crop, 10 swats with a beautiful wooden paddle over her jeans and a hard hand spanking just before bed.


The next day she was still sore, she could feel it when she walked, when she showered and when she sat, in particular on a hard wooden picnic bench at lunch. Three days after she reminded me that her ass still hurt. I smiled and wondered if I provided the escape she asked for.


After Thoughts on the Belt spanking, Playing Really Rough with the Temptress- A View from the Top’

This was a hard scene, it was what I believe she wanted based on a number of interactions, requests, and other factors. Yet in fairness I never asked and assumed the communication, playful and otherwise on her part was honest. I trusted her to communicate if I was wrong both at the time (she did not call a color) and after the fact as we discussed things.

Not explicitly told in the story was I had asked her to bring three things to beat her with, she brought two, and I had used that as [part of our dialogue telling her not to worry I had brought three belts to spank her with just incase she forgot to pack something.

She indicated that at the time she hated parts of what I was doing to her but admitted post scene she found it pretty hot afterward.


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