4 Days in the Life of Malflic


4 days in the life of Malflic

I try to share interesting events, perspectives or funny stories here.  This is kind of a little less varnished but reflects a single day in my life both work, relationship, and socially.


I only work Half Days

12:30am i wake up after having about 3 hours of sleep. I’m actually home in my own bed. The Chesty Blonde is awake next to me and on her phone.   She is either playing words with friends, or making or amending a list of everything she has to do in the coming days or weeks. Her calendar is worse than mine because it also includes all the kids things as well. Shows about forensic science and murder victims in on TV.  An evening ritual. It is always murder, sports or cooking.

Often i wonder if she sits there and plans how to kill me nightly on one of her lists.  Actually despite that concern i’m relieved it’s not a cooking show.

30 minutes later i abandoned the idea of sleep or conversation and head downstairs my pillow in tow.  I turn on death (different channel same type of show as before)  it allows me to have noise without making me think and spend 90 minutes by the light of the TV doing email, texting and what not with Europe and Asia.  

With business under control and an alarm set the phone goes back in airplane mode. It’s 2:30 am local time.

3:15 am =-I fall asleep on the couch sitting half upright.

4:56 am – i wake up 49 minutes earlier than i need to. Two minutes later the idea of sleep is again abandoned.  Both phones are turned on and plugged in to charge.

5:07… or so = after shaving and debating which of 4 available facial cleansers to use my mind drifts for a few minutes to how nice it would be to have company in the shower.  Thoughts of masturbation drift into my mind. An erection begins to form and then harden despite my conscious mind having become focused on the more mundane tasks ahead.

The hard on is undeniable, more than firm enough for any type of penetration and it’s literally not yet been touched.  i’ve not cum in over 3 days and in a millisecond give in to the urge for a quick orgasm.

The hot shower still cascading over me i began fantasizing about a mixture of a dream that literally woke from a good night’s sleep a few days earlier and a hand job a lover had given me a little while back. I switch to using a technique i had taught her rapidly edging my self closer and closer to a release. And just when it would be impossible to hold out any longer switched back to jerking off with a more traditional stroke.

Milking my cock for every bit of cum possible.  Noting that it is rare my orgasm is that intense without a partner. My legs twitch a bit. I wash off again, wipe down the shower and get dressed.   Already knowing those would be the last moments that anything sexual would be in my thoughts for more than a few fleeting seconds in the next three days. The rest of my life wouldn’t allow it.

5:25 i kiss the sound asleep and snoring Chesty Blonde forehead goodbye. She doesn’t stir at all. A win as she sleeps only slightly better than me and worries about everything far more.

5:30am the first annoyance of the day. I had opted not to use car service to and from the airport. A car has been left out for me as our garages are full due to both kids being back at home for a few months.  There was a hard frost on the windows. It was 17 farenheit out. I start the car, curse as i scrape the frost off the windows.  Instead of being in a new preheated 7 series BMW driven by Doug or Kyle i’m in youngest daughter’s 10 year old freezing honda accord.  Driving rapidly towards the interstate that leads to the airport the calls start before I’ve passed the 3rd house on my block.

5:35 am – An omnipresent bluetooth headset in my ear as i have a work friend tracking down people all over London who haven’t answered anything in seven months. When no one answers we immediately cut rank and have him go to the P&L owners up the food chain.  

6:15 am – all of heated conversation has been resolved. The last 10 minutes has been spent with car parked 50 feet from the door to the airport.  This lot is one luxury I won’t ever compromise on.  It saves me between 15 and 45 minutes each way on every trip. In my world time is literally money. Or more accurately it is money i am not making when not being productive and the one thing i will never get back.

This also; literally down to the minute is the time that was originally planned to leave my house by.

6:23 am – i am through the preferred security line and back on the phone with Europe and Asia.  Along the way I got to wish my favorite morning  TSA agents “Happy Holidays”. It is my last scheduled outbound flight of the year.  

There are probably too many US airports where i know many of them by name and they also recognize if not greet me the same way. Some Days they will be the only people I speak to that i know and see regularly that are not co workers.  

6:43 am – i wrap what probably is my 20th call of the day. The number is higher than usual based on who in the UK didn’t answer their phone and the urgency or my need for answers and commitments.  Looking at the insane line at Starbucks and the full services restaurant that was empty right next to it.  Contemplating how hungry i am (I’d not had a bite of food in 14 hours)  Much like my neglected carnal needs earlier that produced both morning wood and a shower hard on I decided to indulge again, this time my stomach and actually eat breakfast  Two eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast with 3 jumbo american sized diet cokes was the winner

During the entire meal i make and take calls while doing email. These calls are longer and go well. All of the emails with needed information from during my drive have come in with proper signatures.  

The check is paid. That includes over tipping the waitress for keeping my drink filled.  

7:08am local time my first US call comes in based off a text sent earlier. It takes 4 minutes. By then the floodgates have opened and the US morning touch point and status updates have begun with relentless frequency.

Along the way I reply to texts on my personal phone from last night to my daughters and the Blonde.

Realize i had forgotten what day it was when texting with Alice the night before on when something was posting. Opting not to bother correcting it since it was not a critical date.

After 14 minute call with a staff member, upon being dialed via face time for a second time by a UK person i wrap the call i’m on and answer the international one.  

7:36 am The caller had never FaceTimed me before and i was bracing for bad news. A friend and peer had resigned a day earlier. It was not public knowledge so that could be the best bad news i had hoped for.  The caller had some serious challenges going on with her area of the business and was working 21 hour days for weeks to make things right. I suspected something there had worsened despite all the efforts.  Professionally speaking she is magnificent.  Instead of bad news it was her smiling face and she was obviously at home; Christmas  decorations in the background.

Her voice cheery, her mood happy and smile contagious. Rather than hello i open with “do you really want to see my face at this hour?”  

with joy she exclaimed  “Not at all but i have something to show you. Follow me!” and while on a video call she took off through her home. Outside on a clear sunny day in England. Outside was her new car. A beautiful German luxury number.  She gave a me a guided tour of it from bumper to bumper, from wheels to roof. All the features, all the interior details.  It was for me both very touching as well as a lot of fun.  She Let me share in her joy and excitement. And in a way that was very personal. We’d continue to chat and just catch up finally getting to business in the last few minutes.  

8:18 am – I text the Temptress for the first time of the day.

The calls don’t stop until i get the Jet shuts its door at 9:07, 12 minutes late.

9:23 am in flight wifi isn’t working, i start writing this post.

11:45ish my plane lands, 20 minutes late but I am surprised by a series of Holiday themed sexy Pictures from the Temptress. They were completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise.

I exchanged texts with her.  Sometimes, often actually i am amazed by the world.  

The Half day thing was a lie…the other half of my day

12:10 Life is like a NiN song.  My God Lives in the back of a limousine. Or a white Escalade as the case may be. The driver is at the door waiting.  My shades slide on. I continue texting from both of my phones and talking for the next 35 minutes.

12:45pm i am 15 minutes late for a meeting where everyone else is stuck in transit.   I’m mobbed at the door of the building by people i haven’t seen in awhile. It is a nice thing, they’re good people, yet I am late so do my best to be relaxed and un hurried. 

My lawyer spots me. She is not literally mine or solely dedicated to me. But unlike how I am with my partners where I share well and easily i am extremely covetous of her. You knew how negotiating a scene helps set boundaries and teach each other about expectations and establish trust.  Try doing what i do with an attorney that you don’t have that bond with. It simply doesn’t work and there are no safe words to call out.

She politely gets me aways from the others and moving toward a private meeting room.  We complete what should have been two hours of prep in 30 minutes.

1:15pm the meeting starts 45 minutes late.  We’re all friends and debate some radical things.  

I am unshockable but a rare case of a number that may become mine shocks the fuck out of me.  No one can tell but i have a rare moment of true doubt and ask myself is it too big if it happens. Moments later past the shock begin asking for data and analyzing what would need to happen before moving forward.  We will spend 3 days on this next month.  After 45 days of actual prep

1:55 i flirt a little with a friend from the last meeting.. It is harmless but she is attractive and well we get on well.  Others arrive and we go back to our professional selves.

2:00 the big group meetings of the day begin.  Most people will be captive for the next four and a half hours.  I don’t make if past the first hour before being pulled out to address more pressing matters.  This in and out occurs for 90 minutes until at 4:15 i flip a hotel room key my lawyer who is and other key senior people.   

After getting to my suite and setting up for the next meeting in a few quick minutes return texts from my personal phone to the Blonde..the Temptress and a former business partner.

2;10 pm i send a picture of the landscape outside to the Temptress.

5;27 the others arrive. We spend the next two hours and nineteen minutes reviewing each and every word on the first 17 pages of a 39 page document with the other party.

I dig in hard on several asks and pick a few fights. One time going too far and essentially making and individual use the business equivalent of a safe word for what i took as an insult of our capabilities.  

A day later we’d go at it hard again over the same point in person. So much so that he was shaking, furious and speechless for nearly and hour and would take another day before being civil outside of direct business negations was possible for him.   It’s the game, nothing personal.  There is a reason I am evil, I could twist Gandhi into a ranting militarized nut job if you’d let with a few well placed words.

Had i not been a dick it could have been better. Had he simply said look we need it for this reason i would have said yes. Instead of asking he tried to twist it, make me the reason we had to do something.  It was a blatant lie and i all but beat him to death with the point.  Additionally I as prepared to use the nuclear option, scuttle the entire agreement and walk away. We agreed based on the real reason it was needed.

7:55 pm I slide into a black Lexus for a short ride over an hour late for a large group dinner.

7:57 the Temptress texts me.  She had a bad day and my heart aches for her a little.

During the ride i open snap chats from the kids and reply having a mixture of 5 simultaneous conversations over three different applications.  

8:05 dinner hasn’t been served yet. In fact appetizers had just started for nearly 90 people.  Most of who had been there on time.  This did not occur because i was late but was poorly communicated the flow of events by the planners. 75 minutes later dinner would finally finish.

We move on to the entertainment portion of the day

10:05 pm i get a good night text and reply.

10:31 pm i arrive back in the suite after sneaking away.  The room is warm, dimly lit with a great view.  The big empty king bed makes me feel lonely despite having not been alone, at all in hours. And having been very connected to friends and loved ones digitally all day.   Still there was a sense of longing, a wanting an individual’s companionship.  I debate on whether or not to share that fact.

10:55 my mind is not going to slow down  at all. I haven’t slept well or much at all in nearly two weeks. I take a sleeping pill for the first time in almost a month.

It works like magic until about 4am the next day.  That day would be longer and run into the following.  That next night I would get less than 3 hours sleep and start work before 4am. Even for me it is extreme.  

The expected End Of the trip

It’s now two days later.  The routine minus the flights was even more demanding than the detailed day.  After a 12 hour day I would take a 45 minute ride (Black Acura for those counting cars). Have one last 90 minute meeting at the airport. Fly two and half hours home.

Get back in the old Honda. Drive to my house in an ice storm arriving by 10pm or so.  And well finish this post and was hoping to sleep, in my own bed, maybe even the entire night.   

There you have it 3 days in the life of Malflic. It is not all  fun and parties or sex and coffee. Sure i can’t do this forever but for now there truly is no rest for the wicked.

How it actually ended

I wrote the previous section literally as my plane was getting ready to land. Instead the world was frozen in Ice in a way far more severe than expected..  The drive to my house would have taken  4=6 hours; assuming the roads didn’t get closed.  The Blonde would book me a hotel by the airport before I was even off the jet bridge. One that i have stayed at often bin the last 30 years but never haven’t had sex at.  Actually I’ve been to an orgy at, several three ways and countless date nights.  this time I was alone.   

After letting everyone know I was safe my clothes were unceremoniously discarded, i’d sleep about 4 hours. Lie awake and watch road conditions and temperature on the news. Take the Shuttle, to the airport drive to my house in only 10 minutes longer than usual. Stopping for breakfast on the way.. everyone at home would still be asleep for two hours after I arrived.   Those hours were spent working.

After thoughts.

This is neither intended to be a brag about how hard I work or to elcit pity.  It is a fairly typical version of my life during busy times. Non busy times I get 4-5 hours of sleep a day which often includes a 30-45 minute nap during take off.

It is not a complaint. As i often say this is a life i have chosen. Lost in the minutia of the work sruff is the beauty; the ability to stay close to friends, lovers, my wife and my kids desite not being with any of them is wonderful.  Many more personal texts go on during  the other things depending on the day.

About Malflic

Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I’m an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.