Sad and Raw

While the third piece in my series of short unedited posts it was actually the first written.   You can Read a Poorly Timed Delay and also Mine – UnRightfully Possessive if so inclined or for additional perspective.  The last sentence of the piece was added after the original draft to provide closure.




Sad and Raw

I couldn’t sleep.  I could feel her there. It is something i have craved since that was last the case.  My arms swallow her, her breath on my neck, nestled in. If feels so right, so natural, so completing.


Yet life being what it is know that times ike these are limited and will most likely soon will be lost.  The thought that this will be one of the last hit in a way i never expected. Literally laying there instead of joy I could  feel the hole ripping through me already, fraying, as I try not to spiral. To become that guy and withdraw.


I was always knew that things would come to this. Nothing else was ever the stated intent outside foolish daydreams.


Every word said  about wanting what was best for her. What made her happy, safe and secure were meant and true .   Still i find that despite what is best for her has left me sitting here sad and raw.


The wonderfulness really showed more than before how much was missing in my world.  And how empty it will be again.
It has left me sad and raw, and very alone even in others company.

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