Pretty in Purple 23


It arrived in gift wrap as black as my soul

With red wax and red ribbon like Hell’s fires below

The teasing the torment, the torture, the pleasure, and pain,

She was naked and nervous; it’s all part of their game

The first pass went round and she tentatively smiled

while he tried not to knot things, not meant not to be knotted for little while

Purple Electric condict bondage rope tied around a a wpman's calve

It was wicked and sinful and wonderfully fun,

until he untied her legs and told what still was to come.

with a hmm and a buzz his hands went to the rope

she was doubtful, and capricious until she felt the first little jolt.

it shocked her, it was shocking,

the demon he cackled and smiled,


Of course She was pretty in purple all the while.

Go ahead and click the lips to see all the other sexy sinners.

Sinful Sunday

Note:This was from the first time I had played with a Violet want. 

A detailed write up of that will be out later this week

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