Memories in Honor of a Classy Lady 3

I write this with a very heavy heart. As many of you probably already know our Blogging community this past week unexpectedly lost one of our own all too soon.


Since I first learned of what happened I have been having several conversations with Molly of Daily Kiss .  Also, as time permitted, I have been talking with Malflic. It only seemed fitting for us to share a few of our favorite memories of the wonderfully talented and beautiful  “A” from Cammies.



It was a warm Friday evening in downtown Atlanta and the Eroticon USA Meet and Greet was in full swing. A beautiful young woman wearing a tight black pencil skirt, seamed stockings, high heels and bright red lipstick came up to me and said “Are you Molly?”

Her name was A and she was there with her sister M, together they were Cammies on the Floor. Damn she looked amazing that night, in fact she looked amazing all weekend. She totally rocked the vintage 50’s look. I mean that, picture a classic 1950’s pinup model with dark hair, red lips and curves in all the right places and you are picturing A. However there was way more to A than just looks. She was funny, bubbly, vibrant and highly intelligent. She was one of those people who just made you smile no matter what. I don’t think it would wrong to say she lit up a room with her personality and I adored her.

Since that weekend we have continued to be friends. She would appear in my DM’s on Twitter with a flourish of her joyful self and we would talk about life and blogging but nearly always our conversations would stray to photography. She was a talented photographer with a great eye and she would often send me pictures she had taken and ask for advice about editing. It was an easy friendship but then I am pretty sure anyone who knew A would understand why, she was an easy person to be friends with.

When she first got ill her messages to me all but vanished but in the last year they resumed. She asked for help to build a new website which we gladly gave her and again we were back to talk about photographs and blogging. She would pepper her messages with talk of her health but A was a person to dwell on things like that and also approached it in such a matter of fact way sprinkled with a liberal dose of her trademark humour.

To be honest I can’t believe I am writing this. I can’t believe she is gone. She was a truly vibrant person, no matter what life seemed to have in store for her that always shone through. I will miss her terribly and I know I am not alone in that, her family and friends will I am sure mourn her deeply and painfully. She was not a person you could do anything else for in my opinion. She was one very classy lady.



Once I was setting to meet up with A for lunch.  Kinky people often talk about the importance of negotiation but never before had i engaged in such an intense wardrobe based negotiation with a friend. After lk it wasn’t a play date, it wasn’t a fashion show, in faft it was hust two friends having lunch.

Yet somewhere deep inside and just knowing she had a passion for the classic Pin Up Girl look there was the concern that i”d show up in my business geek couture or worse yet shorts or jeans and she’d be dressed to the nines.  

Don’t get me wrong i love a woman who shows up to just about anything in a corset and heels. Add to it i kind of have a thing for the classic pin up girl look. Where does persona stop and perhaps the everyday person begin?

Then again my view of reality in particular to satirical  (sp) issues may not really be real. Just because I schlep around in an over tailored  suit and wing tips most of the time is realistic to expect that A really paraded around on a daily basis dressed like a bomb shell?  Perhaps i was trying to avoid a “Gidgett meets the Devil” movie set up as fun as that may sound.  You know it’s the one where a surf band accidentally plays a devil’s trisd, summons and demon. After having been conjured said demon appears on the beach fucks your wives and turns all the capri pant and hair ribbon wearing “good girls” into sex fiend free love hippies.   Ho ever i digress.

So it turned into “hey what are you wearing? And three rechecks that it was really ok for me to wear jeans.
After all failure to have those conversations could have led ro me being that guy. The dork in a golf shirt and khakis next to a bombshell who was way too pretty and far too young for him.   



As I sit here thinking of A no singular moment stands out. It is an overall feel of one classy Lady! I find myself staring at the door to my boy’s room, the very room she stayed in when she was here in Atlanta for Eroticon. It is as if she is going to suddenly come bouncing out all dressed to the nines with that smile that could light up any room. I was blessed to have become acquainted with A online prior to Eroticon and was thrilled she wanted to stay with us that weekend. We became close friends after. There is an air about A, a way she finds the good in everyone, that I strive to emulate yet often fail at.

A was an amazing Lady with a style and grace all her own. I remember watching Lord Raven working on paddles for her and wanting them to be perfect. They were a birthday gift and he wanted to make sure they would be up to whatever use she wanted/needed out of them. The various conversations of her vising again, I would get so excited at just the thought of seeing her again. She lived so close yet so far away…..

When she became ill my heart sank, the thought of this vibrant young woman who had so much ahead of her, I went into insto nurse mode and saw all the possibilities yet kept them to myself. I feared the worse yet hoped for the best, when she would talk about the possibility of moving here I knew I would become her personal nurse in a heartbeat.

Through it all she had such a positive attitude and maintained her amazing sense of humour. I could easily list off so many of her talents and gifts and how she impacted my life. I however keep coming back to one very simple statement that sums her up, A was a classy Lady that always saw the good in people no matter what.




With that said our site shall remain static and silent for an appropriate period of time and with a black background as a symbol of mourning.

Our thoughts and love are with A’s family and friends.

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