And She Danced

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And She Danced” is the first appearance of another person beyond me and and the other previously discussed in my short post series.    In many ways it was the foundation for my earlier People and Their Place and a forth coming “UnEquipped for Poly” post.




And She Danced


Literally she danced joyous little steps out of nowhere.  She is not a dancer by her own admission in any way, shape, or form.  Yet she stood there smiling and doing what could only be called a dance right where she stood.

My confusion as to why must have been obvious.  “Why are you so happy?”

She looked at me in a way that vehemently and boldly said “how could you not understand!” then eventually relented saying aloud “I was losing you to her. She had become what you thought about and all you wanted. She chose someone else and now I’m no longer losing her.”
And she all but danced merrily out of the room. Her joy pure and genuine. None of it made me feel any better., Frankly whether she had danced or not every single word she said was in no way untrue.


She had all but lost me, but now everything had changed. And no matter what nothing would ever be the same.

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