Spanked to Orgasm

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Orgasm Experience Number #3 Spanked to Orgasm

This folks is a double bonus post. It not only will include my write up on the third person who’s orgasm I’ve been part of during the year of the orgasm theme but it also ticked off a bucket list item as well which is of course is having a partner who was spanked to orgasm.


So here’s the Set Up – If you’ve been reading along on the site you know I’ve taken a new lover and in a way I had not for quite some time. You can read about that change in my world, The Sexy Little Temptress  and our other experiences as well.   In all fairness I’m over due in formally writing up her as the third orgasm experience. This one isn’t the first orgasm of hers I participated in, it’s not the 10th, hell you’d have to ask her it may have been the 500th or some other number. It’s been so awesome and so hot I can’t even try to keep count. By the way that is an awesome problem to have.   In fact it’s no problem at all but it is a bit like a drug that I’ve become addicted to.


Spanking Play to Start Her Day

Anyhow where were we. Oh yes in bed and she was as you’d expect naked as we began to stir.   The morning began for her with a good sound spanking. Well you know; to set the tone. She was already a bit tender and worked over from spankings as well as other types of play from the day before. Trust me there were no real complaints.

That is until that morning when she complained about the sting from the implement I was using on her.  Oh what to do?  Maybe I should just stop the spanking!  That’s sarcasm by the way. I did what “every” good Top does. Listened to their partner and then decided to give her a good thuddy session that would leave her very sore with the intention of it having her thinking of me all day long.  A reminder of me each and every time when she sat down.  Something to recall, with dread, or excitement, or both even when she moved, when her jeans pressed in to her well abused bottom.

For a non spanko she took it very well. I am  still thinking I may have a convert on my hands. Shadow Lane Party in Vegas next year anyone?

Anyhow, nothing like sending a sexy woman out into the world her face glowing from cumming very hard, her pussy still maybe remembering the sensations it just had and ass to that a nice sore red butt from a very sound deep thuddy spanking right on the best spots of her gorgeous little bottom.  We went about our days ans have to admit that I smiled when she’s Tet me how sore she was.  How evil what I had done to her “for no reason” atc on and off through out the day,


Bed Time Spanking and Planning her Pleasure turns into a Punishment

Later in the  day (or the night who’s counting) we fell into our habit of playing. Nearing the end of the scene during an OTK hairbrush spanking she decided to try to play high jumper, shot up and off my lap and onto the bench I was on and to get away tried rolling behind me. Truth be told is i was just about done with making her bottom glow until that little move.  She was nearing what was her typical edge in the pain department and was going to get a lot of pleasure. Pussy shaking cunt clenching breath steal pleasure. and all of the orgasms she craves Of course she didn’t know that ofr how close she was from being to to stand up and go get her Doxy and Lelo.  Instead though earned herself a lot more pain and much longer and harder beating than was originally intended.

After all, no safe word was uttered. The escape artist routine, it was a challenge, an attempt at controlling the scene and sometimes instinct just takes over. Before she had even settled into place from her escape artist routine I had pinned her in a far more precarious position back on the bench one side on the bed the other pressed into me as I placed my weight against her and used a powerful arm to pull her legs caks and with out hesitation or mercy took the hairbrush to her. The spanks went from moderate to hard, She wiggled and I pinned her in place, helpless and unable to escape and spanked her already sore and marked bottom with  purpose, pace, and an increased intensity her own position with legs drawn back making each swat more painsful.

It’s funny you see it mentioned in spanking stories, portrayed in videos, and as a fantasy it works but the much sought after moment where one struggles to get away from their session and eventually truly does surrendered and accept what is being done to them is a rare thing. After several minutes of being pinned there with her ass glowing from the increased beating and no hints of pleasure only punishment and pain I could literally feel her body surrender, the fight was gone, acceptance had set in.


Spanked to Orgasm

“Turn over and don’t you dare move.  If you do you are really not going to like what is going to happen” I made eye contact, held her gaze and made damn sure she knew this was no a game. Obediently she acknowledged my request rolled her lovely little body face down, tits pressed into the bench with her legs extended straight and toes curled up.  He arms been and pulled into sight against her sides.   No warning was given as I took the hair brush to her again but quickly abandoned it and went to heavy hand spanks landing the heel of my hand solidly in the flesh parts of her bright red bottom .  Open hand spankings can be thuddy or sting but this method wouldn’t have much sting, instead it would get deep into the muscle in her butt, it would linger far longer than other types of impact and be felt for days afterward given all the other play that had gone on in the previous 36 hours.


Her breath changed, and knew that change well.  The spanks on her now deep red ass stayed hard and deep, my body against hers i could feel her body tense and made sure to keep y rhythm, a gasp escaped her recently silent mouth, she drew the corner of her lip between her teeth. her body clenched and it washed over her, an orgasm that built and engulfed her, the second wave more powerful and right behind the first.  Nothing inside of her, so clitoral stimulation, no intention of making her cum.   After the last waves of pleasure washed away she melted into the bench, the stimulation was nothing more than my hand pounding against her bared red flesh and she took her spanking.   She melted into the bench and then me as he spanking concluded a few moments later.  “You made me orgasm” she said.   I smiled and admitted i thought so later telling her that although her release was not at all my intention she had just ticked an item of my bucket list.  It was not the last time she got to cum that night, after all this was play not punishment and she certainly deserved the pleasure she had forfeited earlier for providing me with such a great experience after all she had been spanked to orgasm.


Spanked to Orgasm – Postlude

I figured if its a bucket list item and since having a partner who Spanked to Orgasm had been on my ist for a few years a little background on why.  It’s no secret that I’ve been a spanking top for years (next year will be 30 to be exact)  and have played with countless people it was never something that I’d really considered.  I had had partners who liked the pain, ones who like the marks, some who wanted t control taken away. ones who wanted to feel like or be punished for any number of things.  I have played just about every role one can in spanking play and probably many more I was never told about as a partner retreated into her head.  It was actually my first post play discussion with the Siren that put this one on the list.  In that case it was the implement, her piercings and position that took her toward a release.  Of course I had changed what i was doing and unknowingly as she was a new partner to me at the time and denied her that release.  So it spanked to orgasm got added to my sexual bucket list and thanks to one hot summer night I got to check that box with the help of the Sexy Little Temptress.


If you would like to read her account of the event and the Brush. Well who could balme you you can. Please meet the woman who is my Sexy Little Temptress.

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