Jenny’s Hell – dark write 4

There she sat in the corner, tears still falling as the words echoed in her head. His deep ragged voice telling her there was no escape. He owned her, she was bought and paid for. But he insisted, demanded more of her. He wanted to own her mind and soul. One moment he was kind and gentle the next cruel and vicious. It had become a personal hell for her as his footfalls echoed in the corridor.


“Jenny your last escape attempt has left me no choice, I must make sure you cannot run away. I regret having to do this.”

The ball pein hammer was effecting as he broke the big toes on both feet. Jenny’s screams echoed along the halls. Now she was at his mercy for care, food, even the bathroom was beyond her reach.  A time before this was starting to become a blur after the weeks, or had it been months. She had now real idea.

The moans and howls in the night, as much beast as human, tormented Jenny as she tried to sleep. On a good night he wouldn’t come at all, the better nights he would have a rose, the nights she feared the most we would enter covered in dirt and blood. No words as he would grunt and slam her to the floor and use her flesh for his needs. The door slammed open, this was one of the latter nights.

Jenny just sat and watched in fear as his long bedraggled hair dripped with water, he clothing soaked and making his tall gaunt form seem even more maniacal. The dim light showed his crooked smile as he came closer. Jenny knew know fighting him would only add to his rage and she would suffer worse. Knowing he want she laid back of the bed offering herself to him. He grunted and spit on her. The shame of how dirty she felt burned on her face as his words only shamed her more.

“Filthy whore, your only purpose in this world is to please me.”

Jenny shuddered again as he drew back, that fist of iron had left many marks on her before. This time she laid there, not trying to curl up. Laughter began as a small chuckle till his whole body shook. For the first time she heard his laugh. This was more unsettling that anything before. Her naked body numb form the abuse laid open to him by her desire, a desire to stop her own suffering.

He climbed onto of her and thrust in deep. Grunting like and animal like so many times before till he flooded her with his cum. The sweat soaking his body as it dripped onto her. His rough kiss bruising her lips again, his teeth savagely sinking into her flesh as she only made a mutter cry and whimpers.

“Good you are ready now”

The beast flipped her over and without a word slammed into her ass without mercy. She let out he screams and howls that drove him on to his excited frenzy. His hands gripping her throat tight, her body braced as each thrust made her tiny frame shake. She could hear far away his howls of pleasure as her mind floated away. At last she was fully his and she was free.

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