An Unstated Predicament 12

She’s floating, she flying. Somewhere in those moments one’s head often lets creativity take over.  That is exactly where she is. Somewhere between blissed out and wonderfully wanton.

The last rope comes off after a long slow pull through the very last bite.   It was nothing fancy. A simple chest harness drawn up tighter than usual to push her amazing breasts more to the fore front. A stunning visual so he could torment them in that wonderfully wicked way that he does. Hard pinches, barely there caresses and everything in between.  Prior to that he had her face down and ass up sliding a tireless little vibe in and out of her tight pussy.

Then on her back legs wide and in the air in a way that would be worthy of a nickleback song.  But that was passed and now she was standing naked before him, between his thighs waiting for what was next.

He placed the first clamp on her recently freed breast. She moaned in pain and arousal. The the other clamp went on. He fiddled to adjust it and with out a word guided her stance to be sideways sliding his finer into her several times then gently grabbing the black chain joining the clamps together out and with it just barely taut gave just the slightest tug.

The sounds that escaped her beautiful mouth don’t have words that can be written but her eyes said to him both “you bastard” and “please” in a split second.

His hands between her soaked thighs.  If she wanted to cum it was going to hurt. If she wanted his fingers deep inside of her it was her decision to make, but it would come at a price to be paid for by her nipples.   The chain held tight she pushed herself on to him. At first slowly then settling in to a rhythm. He could see in her face, hear in her breath and know because he’s learned to read her body that a release was not far off in the distance.  Her pace increased, two fingers went from as deep as could be inside of her to the tips barely making contact with the opening of her pussy. The chain was drawn a little further out. The price to cum again raised. She moaned but continued to fuck his fingers with an increasing intensity.  One that quickly became a fury.

The silence of the room was shattered with her panting and moaning as her second orgasm came quickly and with out mercy.  He released some of the tension on the chain between the clamps and it sent her in a hard series of releases.  Then he moved his hand with her and she cried out in delight and the increased force as his fingers pluned deeply and violently into her. Then being the bastard he is he took his hand away, barely out of her reach, she could sense it but not feel it and the desire in that moment became maddening. It was merely a moment, not more than a few seconds but those seconds felt like an eternity cast into hell and devoid of all that she wanted most.  A slave to him?  In no way shape or form but  a slave to her own orgasms in a way most can only dream of.


the them moment passed and he move his hand so che could feel the very tips of her fingers lightly grazing her lips. She melted into them as he tugged at the chain and pulled the clamps cruelly in the otehr direction. The stakes again raised, the pain she would choose to orgasm again increased as her nipples streched undeer the strain,m the clamps pulled and tighted as she fored herself on his hand and rode him hungrily. His other hand traced up her drenched inner thigh.  She re-positioned her body to be all but against his she stood there between his thighs.

The next look was cut short as i began to tease her opening rather than filling her.  IHe wanted to fuck her standing right on that spot. His cock was so hungry for her but instead only offered her more tension on the clamps and fingers to fill her.  Again she was going to have to earn her pleasure and with it take a health dose of pain.  Which she did countless times floating higher and further into her ecstasy until he she needed a break.   Still hungry, still willing to  take more but as his hand left her depths. He eased the clamps of her nipples gently.  The release of the clamp coincided with yet another orgasm, She looked at him in that dreamy way she does after being made to cum so hard and so often.   The hottest of scenes ended with a kiss,  gentle, kind, familiar and tender in comparison to what they had just  shared.

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