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Where Ya Been Mal?

In many ways it’s been a rough few months.   As usual plans have changed. This time however it has been both personally and professionally.   In fact everything is changing. While I often joke about the apocalypse the past few months have been some of the most stressful I’ve ever had.  In many ways I felt young again but with that came all of the complications of youth, uncertainty, ambition, hope, and unexpectedly actual feelings.  The end of the world is a lot more fun when you’re the evil bastard riding the damn horse into the melee.


Professionally speaking the pace isn’t lessening, my career is at an inflection point (again). No matter what I’ll be doing something different (by choice) in the next few months. If you’ve ever wanted to meet me or maybe see me one more time now’s the time. Literally I have no clue where I’ll be shortly.

The impact on my lifestyle (kink and non-kink) are questions that need answered.  The future of my ability to write here (consistently) is being debated. Time constraints being the biggest concern. Yet I have several posts a month set through the end of the year while figuring it all out.

Where am I going to live, will it change, will it be time split between semi-permanent places? Will it continue to be at a hotel chain in countless countries and cites?  Really no clue as it could go any of a half dozen different ways.


Personally life is no less at a cross roads.   It’s far more complicated than I can do justice to in this post and will follow up with some (or a proverbial shitload of) subsequent writings in the coming weeks (months).

On the upside I’m starting a series of private bondage lessons in late August. But have to answer the question of why and for who given the lack of access to a regular or local partner?  Or a local life…meaning I’m never anywhere very long and I’m always somewhere else. That makes it hard to be local anywhere.

Do I start doing pick up play?  Is that really what I want? I’m pretty sure it’s not. Should I vet the vasectomy thing and begin womanizing and fucking for sport?  Can I still be that shallow asshole I once was?

Truth is; probably not as I’ve demonstrated in recent years.   So there in the problem lies accepting what is a fine and functional situation but not being fulfilled. Living in a way that makes others fucking happy but not authentically to what I want and need.

Things come, things go.  And for now I’m going to keep living in the fast lane. In German sedans and increasingly Italian sports cars. Which makes me very grateful forbyoga.

I’m going to try to fill the holes in my soul with coffee, material things, and with any luck some hot meaningless sex with multiple partners. I’ve re-invoked the rule of no married women and no one new stays the night.

Fuck inner peace and triple fuck being Zen.   I’m going to work to not show (or have) emotions beyond joy and anger again as I reset (or maybe resent) nearly everything.

And while that happens wait for my new bespoke suits to arrive with the lovely little sayings in them that remind when all else fails “I am Evil, I am wicked, and…” I need to get back to really being Malflic not some PC nice guy version of him that I’ve become.  Because being this other guy sucks.

One womanizing shallow materialistic asshole coming right up.





Postlude: Take this post seriously, take it in jest, take it and shove it up your ass.  I couldn’t care less either way.   As Alice Cooper once sang “No more mister nice guy”.  Until further notice just assume I’m not ever going to be a decent person again. Proceed (and read) at your own risk.

PSS – Don’t worry i’m nowhere near a big enlugh jerk to run for president. In fact post coffe i’m much better now than the above post says. Still all the things mentioned are in fact realities.

About Malflic

Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I’m an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

4 thoughts on “Where Ya Been Mal

  • Cammies on the floor

    The beginning part of this post could be me quite easily. My professional life is draining me to the point of no time for the blog, and my private life is changing and reinventing.

    I don’t know about the asshole, but for me the meaningless sex made me feel less fulfilled. Also, I find it curious that your boundary in having sex has changed – did I miss that post?

    • Malflic

      You didn’t miss it. I never wrote a post that specifically stated that shift. As the answer often is. “It’s complicated”.

      A lot of moving pieces in every aspect..no pun intended.

  • Lord Raven

    It is oddly timed once again that it seems like so many of us are in cross roads at the same time. It is a twist of the fates or who knows but no matter what happens I do hope we can keep the site going.
    Now that my contract is up with that less than honorable group I suddenly feel free again and my muse has decided to come back and fill my brain with dark tales.
    Oh so you are getting to learn new bondage. Now that is very exciting. I know a few people that would enjoy a demonstration

    • Malflic Post author

      No plans to stop the site just may have to change how often I can post. Let the beast loose and write away.

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