The Package: Caution several triggers 6

He opened the package that arrived, there was a note and a DVD. The note was enough to make his mouth go dry and hands begin to shake. He closed the tray that he put the shiny disk in.



I know you told me to never go out with strange men alone. I wish I had listened.



The auto play started the show for him. He heard his daughter laughing as she was hanging out with a few people. At first it was all from across the room, the person was filming her from a distance and she seemed oblivious. Several one minute flashes of her life in various party scenes. Then he gasped as she was surrounded by a bunch of guys, each one with their cock out. She was on her knees then started sucking them off, the voice behind the camera suddenly cut in. “Oh my looks like daddy’s precious little girl is a college whore”

The next scene she is at the bar but the camera is much closer. A brief negotiation to do a suck off film for $200 and no one would see the film, it was just for his personal collection. Then she was walking toward a van got in and ripped open her shirt. She giggled and bounced around as the camera drew closer. Licking on of her tits and teasing the man holding it, she batted her eyes and said she was ready to party. A bright flash as she crashed to the floor and the scene went black.


The couple minutes of blank was just to let him start to come to terms as the next scene started. Megan was in a dark filthy room with just a cot and bucket. Her eyes were covered in duct tape, she was gagged with what had to be her panties. Other than that she was naked and her muffled cries could be heard. A moment later the door opened and a man walked in, his face covered with a mask. He snatched her by the hair and drug her out the door.

The perspective change as she was taken into the next room. Several men were waiting with what appeared to be seating off to the side so others could watch. There was a muttering as a door opened and people took their seats. The lights were set so their faces couldn’t be seen but as he watched Megan’s father felt his body tighten knowing his daughter was going to be abused. He wanted to stop watching but couldn’t bring himself to turn it off.

The “show” started as the men lined up and her gag was removed. Without a word said she was strapped to the table and the first man walked up behind her, another to her face. A moment later she was being invaded by both cock as the men pumped into her till they came. Her grunts and cries came around the cock being thrust into her mouth. One guy held his cock down till she struggled and thrashed about. A buzzer went off and he pulled out. She gasped for air.

Megan’s father felt his own cock growing despite it being his own daughter. His pants now wet with precum as he watched each man abuse her then the lights went down. A few minutes of blank scene till it came back with Megan tied to a table. Each man now walked slowly in a circle. They all had a blade in hand and when a number was called one would walk up and cut her. Each cut was to her breast, then another round as they cut at random. The final round the first man walked up and cut her nipple off and shoved it in her mouth as she screamed. Blood now started to run from the table and drip on the plastic covered floor as the men did their part.

The last two were called at the same time. One to her head and one walked to her side. A countdown began as the one at her head removed his mask and looked into the camera. Megan’s father felt sick as he saw his son’s face now holding the blade just inches above his sister’s throat. The other man started when the count got to 5 and sliced into the flesh between her legs and cut out her cunt. As he reached into her flesh to pull out her cum filled fuck hole the brother slit her throat and she shook and gurgled till she finally was still.

Looking into the camera the son said “Dad I know what you did and how you turned my sister into a whore. Now she is at rest, you can go to hell”

Megan’s father hadn’t heard his wife walk in the room, she spun his chair around as his hard cock was in his hand. In a quick stroke she plunged the blade in his crotch and twisted it. He couldn’t scream because of the pain but with a turn of her wrist she emasculated him and took the cock and shoved it in his wide open mouth. She laughed while he bled to death then fell to the floor.

The son walked in and laughed. “Too bad for him we found out what happed to Megan for her 18th birthday.”

Mom laid back on her dead husband’s corpse and pulled up her skirt.

“Come here and give momma some loving” she said.

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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      I am pleased as well. It’s been a while. Think my muse took a world tour

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    I love that you write the best twists. As you already know, I am a fan of your darkness. So happy to see you writing again. Thank you !!!
    Just another fan,
    Miss Lily

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      why thank you. I am pleased to know you like it. there is more to come from various wicked dark ideas in my mind

  • Alice King

    Love it when you just let the ink flow my Lord. It is amazing to see where your mind goes and just what twists and turns will occur. As you know this one got a literal “oh damn” as I read it

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      oh yes it does make me smile when I get those reactions first hand. Yes I’m back,

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