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Gender and Sexuality Studie Text Books

Hope and Books.  Both can be a day dream or an escape.  A path forward to places, ideas, and knowledge we could not otherwise obtain. My youngest will soon to be 18.  She is very much her father’s daughter. In an academic setting she has been writing about sexuality, art, and politics in an unabashed manner for several years.  She has followed an extremely nontraditional path.  The Blonde and I are both very proud of the young woman she’s become.

Below is a sample of the text books from her fall university term. Her courses include Gender Studies, Human Sexuality, the impact of religion on politics and culture, and of course an honors level class on what else but the importance of Harry Potter.  At the risk of being controversial (yet again) I can hear choirs of family members damning me to hell again for allowing such a course of education. That Choir can fuck off. Proudly I can state she picked her own courses.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation. That the world will move towards being more open.  That the fanatics and zealots won’t win that day.  That they will go back to their holes and less than crowded places of gathering and perhaps the rest of us will be less repressed and judgmental because of it.  That differences will not only be accepted but appreciated.  That everyone; but women in particular will be far more free and less controlled.  That maybe if if my kids view the world through an open lens they will help others not raised in accepting and open environments to do the same.


So the optimist in me thinks Hope and Books might just be the right way forward.

It’s also very reassuring to know that I’m not the only one the thought police may show up for.


Gender and Sexuality Studie Text Books

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9 thoughts on “Hope and Books

  • Molly

    Totally with you on this. I hope, like you, that I am raising two young people who will contribute towards a society that is more open, accepting and less judgemental. I do wish our version of high school offered such diverse and interesting classes and yours seems to. Sadly they do not and so for now I shall continue to be the sole provider of a well rounded diverse conversation in their lives


    • Malflic Post author

      Sadly our high school’s sex ed is as closed minded and backwards as one would expect. Dual enrollment at University is the only way we avoided that.

  • Fred Strunk

    Sad, But, Politics Controlled by Religion Creating Global Wars Will End The Known World, Sooner Than Later!

  • Bee

    Those courses sound fascinating, shame we don’t offer those sort of subjects here, not that my parents would’ve allowed me to take them.

    I really do hope as the next generation are more accepting than the previous ones, I’m sickened to the core with the hatred I have to witness daily.

  • Alice King

    Love her Fall class choices!!! You have every reason to be proud of her. I also know in the brief time she was here she made an impact on my kids

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