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Black Doxy Massasger Vibrating Wand

What’s the Buzz?

Buzz Buzz Buzz go the vibrators. In fact some of the buzziest vibratos are the old school hard plastic ones which ironically were teh first ones I played and bought.  After all in those days sex toy shopping was done one of two places.  In a porn store (or Mega store if you were lucky) and through catalogues like Adan and Eve.  L

Vibrators are not really a kink in my case. Personally I get no arousal from theme as an item unto them selves.  So robably not in the classic sense but they certainly are part of my play style both inside and outside of power exchanges and scenes down to just a good old fashioned roll in the proverbial hay.

So in my usual bad form I’m going to wrap several partner’s (and the vibrators) into one post.  Starting the Chesty Blonde because well Vibrators do fact into our relationships  slightly different not only in use So let’s start with my love of wands since in this case we’ve owned both a Hitachi and a Doxy


Wand Vibrators

Once upon a time “some giant fucking pervert” bought his wife her first vibrator.  Years later that same deviant bought her a Hitachi Magic wand. Because well a wife that cums a lot in theory should be a happier more sexually inclined partner.  Then one sad day that Hitaichi magic wand died.  Said husband sprained his tongue, wore out his arms and several other body parts trying to compete with the defunct device.  Then he went off and bought a Doxy for her.   If you read my post earlier this year and had seen some of my Sinful Sunday pics from spring it featured our new wand style vibrator.  And it has been a hit with the Blonde even if she won’t rave about it at parties.

Alice has a Hitachi…which she bought for her self. (My kind of woman!) ahem…   And more than once have i enjoyed it with her.  Sometimes it was a forced Orgasm scene with her tied up and helpless. Some sadistic fuck going after her relentlessly with the vibe,  Ot perhaps it was  just “you’ll stand there and take because I know you need to” type of play, or a predicament scene where it was tied inescapably to her and movedment away from it was just as bad or worse than movement towards it.

There of course have been others but a story for a different time perhaps.


Ahh that Rabbit Vibrator

A million years ago…or roughly 15 at the aforementioned Sex Toy Super Store I bought the Blonde a Rabbit Vibrator after reading about it countless times in several porno mags, and online.  It was the first time I spent over $100 on a toy ($109 plus tax to be exact). For years it was the one toy she would ask me to get out and use.   Every other one back then was fine but my choice but the Rabbit was by far her favorite.   This was pre-Hitachi.  No doubt you’ve seen a Rabbit or knock opff version of it.  Ours was Hot Pink with a vibration and moving tip, spinning “pearls” or beads though a clear section just below, long shaft and the clit rubbing orgasm inducing Bunny ears that made it so popular for so many.  Ironically she could have care less about the ears it was the motion and the beats that really worked for her..and in turn of course me.  Ok now you can quit laughing at the sticker shock I had on a $100 toy…it was 15 years go people!


Lelo and other Insertable Modern Vibrators

In recent months I’ve had several opportunities to play with Lelo’s Vibrators for the fist time in particular the SORAYA.  It actually was a surprisingly wonderful and versatile toy from the perspective of using it on a partner.   Ib fact so much so as it’s must add item to my own collection so I can see if I like using it as much with others as I did in that case.


Bullet Vibes

So I’ll call the one we use with Alice when she’s tied and has a crotch rope on as a bullet vibe on steroids.  It’s a super powerful one bigger than a traditional bulled and far more powerful than most.  That over the years small and medium bullets have factored in to both insertion play as well as direct clitoral stimulation.   We have bullet vibes for some of the dildos and butt plugs we own (or my partners own).   IN away they’re right of passage, an easily portable and concealable toy to take into a restaurant, for in a car, or to send someone off for a little mid date night get yourself ready and get back here action.   or so I’ve been told.


Remote control Vibrators

Speaking of date fun insertable remove control vibrators or vibrating panties are way too much fun.  Alternating the temp, on and off, edging her again and again,  or letting it buzz away to orgasm as the waitress take her order.    In fact I may or may not have just bought a few new ones when I saw an ad online recently for an new remote control vibrating egg toy.


Not necessarily only part of kink play but they doe have the great possibility.  MMMM maybe trying one during a rope scene could be wonderful fun.


Some final thoughts on Vibrators.

Better powered, rechargeable and wall powered all factor in for me with teh right partners.  It is certainly something I enjoy and ties into my kink of wanting to know my partner is getting off.  And yes I very intentionally chose a title that resembles a song in Jesus Christ Superstar…  So What’s the Buzz…





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  • Cammies on the Floor

    Vibrating panties intimidate me, because I fully believe that they will be loud, and I couldn’t bear that in public (where I get embarrassed so easily). Still, a hot fantasy.

    I like how you told of the many different vibrating toys.

    • Malflic Post author

      Some are loud but have a few that are all but silent in a room with any noise level at all they are undectable.

  • sub-Bee

    Oh yes, the remote control. We had one of those, it refused to turn off when we were in a restaurant…that was a meal to remember!

    • Malflic Post author

      That is fantastic! Probably someones worst nightmare but hysterical after the fact.

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