The Weekend 4

Prologue: A recent weekend we were blessed with the company of a young lady who will be called N. She is enthusiastic, free spirited and over all a lot of fun to be around. N was also the first female play partner to be a part of our poly world for more than a spanking scene.  Alice and I spent a lot of time over the past years talking over partners and screening a few long the way, this was the first time one met both our standards. We were both excited about her coming for a weekend and were blessed to have her stay with us. In and through it all I would say it was a great weekend just too short and some unexpected bumps in the road that I plan to cover in a later post. Being poly does not mean it will all go smooth or perfect. The spaces where (*) is showing are bumps that will be covered in a later post. All in all I would say it was a good weekend because N is looking forward to another trip back.



N arrived just before Alice got home from her work. It allowed her to get her luggage put in the room she would be staying in and a few minutes of chitchat before N and Alice met. Some casual conversation transpired before Alice headed to bed and N and I were left to our own devices (*). We talked for a while before going to her room for the night. Talking led to kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

I managed to get N stripped naked and I still had my clothes on. I was dying to smell her scent, taste her as I slid a finger in and she was soaked. A well placed kiss on her pussy and I started going down on her. Oral is something I do enjoy giving as well as receiving so this was perfect for me. It also allowed me time to explore her as I slipped in more fingers as my tongue explored.  Details being a bit fuzzy as it was all unplanned we ending up with N face down in the bed and I was running my nails along her back, tracing along before I became brazen enough to run my tongue up the length of her spine.  Rubbing against her body with my raging hard cock trapped in my shorts as I kissed and bit her neck. Her mews for more were music to my ears as I pressed on and placed my hand at her throat to gain leverage and to apply a light choking to see how she would react. Condoms on the side of the bed ready in case things went further. My short came off and I rubbed my cock against her coating her lower back in precum. Before it was all said and done I was in her ass and growling as I took her. Her mews for more were intoxicating as we were locked in passions embrace.

Afterwards I cleaned up and went to bed in the early hours of the morning. My mind racing with ideas for the next day.


Alice got up early for work and asked me how the night went. (*) I gave her the basic details before she left then she was out the door and I sat on the couch for a bit.

N had slept long enough in my opinion. I open the door and she was laying there as I crawled into the bed next to her. I nudged and nuzzled against her till she moved enough I could give a good morning kiss. I snickered at the comment “aren’t you tired?” My mind was racing too fast for lack of sleep to be an issue. We had a day to do everything and she told me she wanted to do it all so no time to waste.

Some fawning cuddling and sex started the morning then coffee and breakfast. We sat and talked for a bit about various things and then got back into the mood to start the education part of the day. The Tens unit was perfect for waking up a sleepy pussy. I tried several voltages and setting till N understood what it did and how it felt as the probes were attached around. There we stopped and talked a bit more. Each time we learned a bit more about the other. Blade play was next, a few minutes of running the side along her skin till I tipped it ever so slightly and scraped along with the jagged edge on my blade. Watching her squirm and shudder as I danced the cold metal over her was exhilarating.  Then I moved to the candle and let hot wax drip on her. I always get a thrill of seeing the clear liquid turn opaque as it cools and forms to the flesh it has touched. Letting the drips fall on her nipples, across her chest, down her belly and onto her pussy lips and clit was so exciting but shaving it off afterwards was a total pleasurable experience for me. We stopped and went for a breather and talked some more.

Next came the flogger (*) and I used it to flog her tits, inner thighs and pussy. Soft strike at first with a growing intensity till I was at my normal force. I watched as N enjoyed it a lot. Used the crop on her clit and breast next, watching her squirm and whimper soft as I use it to bring her to the edge of another orgasm. With all the box laid out my next choice was out of the danger scene I enjoy so much (*) I took out my practice sword. Though it is dull it is menacing of its own right. The tip was coated in her juices as I slowly pushed it deeper in, fucking her with the blade as I held the handle steady. Twisting and turning the handle so the edges of the faux blade would run various parts indie her soaked pussy as I watched her response and listened to her breathing quicken. After that we had to take a break. We sat and talked and waited for Alice to get home from work.

Alice arrived and we talked, decompressed her day. Talked briefly about ours then ate. After some talking all 3 of us went to the bedroom for some together time and play.  Alice stripped and I showed her beautiful body off to N who was impressed too. Tying Alice up in a chest harness got us started. Then we did a contact time as we fought and wrestled one another. It was full on but not as hard as we have gone in the past. One right move and Alice came down on top of me but facing the ceiling as I was underneath. A quick move and I was going to choke her down and manhandle her onto the bed. That was cut short when she rolled over my ribs with the knots I had tied just a few minutes before. Once I had gotten my wind back we continued with me sucking and kissing her body. The clothes pins were a delight to show. Nipples and more pussy lips were tormented with the evil wooden devices as Alice became very wet. I had clipped six, three to each side of her pussy lips and took them off at various speeds and applied them again. The last few times I pulled several off together then counted down and for the last pulled them all off together. Alice moaned and had a nice little orgasm before I was ever in her. Soon I was fucking Alice while N watched. It took little encouragement to get them kissing and N to be playing with Alice’s breast. Then we did choking with a shirt. This is part of our R.A.C.K. play. I would tighten the shirt while fucking Alice. Counting in my head to make sure I was sure to just edge Alice into the fuzzy almost passed out feeling. N gave some positive feedback later as to how Alice and I looked together.

No rest for the wicked as I got out the needles for some basic needle play. A few run through the breast and just for good measure I used a couple of fish hooks too. She looked magnificent laying there with the metal piercing her breast. There was fire play in there somewhere too. Though with so much happening I am not sure at what point. Afterwards we said our good nights and ended the session for the evening, well morning hours.


Sunday was mostly spent talking about what we liked of the weekend and a few miscommunications we had. Nothing too major, most of the issues were resolved before N had to leave for home. All in all it was a great weekend.

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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  • Miss Lily

    It is always good to hear of a couple finding a good match for a poly relationship. I know it is early with N, but I hope you have many more good weekends to come.

  • Malflic

    Sounds like a great beginning. New partners are both wonderful and also no matter how well everyone is prepared brings bumps. I remember my own concerns when you and Alice were first together and what it meant to my place. Now i can’t imagine life not having you as a brother.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      thank you that means a lot to me. Yes we did have a rocky start for sure

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