The levels of hell 7


A continuation from the first installment Identity Unknown  

The next morning I knocked on the door. I gave her a few minutes before I knocked again. “Yes, I’m ready” she said with a shaking voice behind the door. I unlocked it and walked in. She sat there blinded by her contacts. I opened the cabinet where everything was set and got out the camera. It was time for the interview. We sat and discussed the rules, how she needed to get past the unknown level. I made her tell what the punishment was for failing to make the level she drew at random. Her voice shook a little as she explained what level 15 was and then added she was willingly doing this as a test of her strength and if she did not complete her random level I would was to do them all.

“Okay one more time explain what will happen if you are forced to do level 15. You know, for the audience who might end up watching this tape later.”

Kathy’s voice shook for a moment as she started. “If I should fail to reach the level I chose blindly my areola will be cut top to bottom through the nipples, half the outer lip of my pussy will be cut off with the same razor blade and both ass cheeks will be branded.”

“And just how will we tell if you made it to your goal?”

“I will pick a number out of the box and it will be placed in an envelope so neither of us sees it till I beg you to stop where ever we are. At that point you will open the envelope and see if I made the level or if I will be forced to complete all 15. I know this will scar my body but I want to do this.”

“Okay, we will get started in a few minutes, I just need to set up. You know this is going to hurt like hell?”

“I expect it too with what level 15 is.” Kathy said as she exhaled slowly to keep her nerve.”

I set the implements on the table. Rattling some around for effect. I saw the bumps rise on her flesh even though the room was warm. I put the box in her lap as she drew out a folded piece of paper that had the number she would have to make it too. She knew she would have to make it through at least five but we both knew the number was most likely higher. So she would push through till she broke. I grinned as I picked up the clothes pins and snapped them before setting started. I set the timer. Each beep she heard was a minute she would have to endure. Five beeps, a bead of sweat appeared on her forehead.

“Last chance because once we get started your mine till you win or I win.”

Kathy stuck her chin up, not saying a word. I clipped the clothes pins to her breast and nipple on both sides then to her outer pussy lips and ass then pushed the button. We hadn’t discussed a video camera but I turned on the one I had in the cabinet anyway. I wanted to capture the whole thing as she now danced around as the pins dug in. The sounding of the timer announced she had survived her first level.  I gave her a minute reprieve to stop shaking as I got the next evil things together. The snap of the mouse traps made her jump. The beeps of the timer, this time 7 minutes.  I hooked the mouse traps to each nipple and one to each lip of her pussy, her ass got a piece of fresh ginger. Then I pushed start for her next level. Her body shuddered, she moaned and twisted.

mouse trap

“You’re a bastard.” She said through gritted teeth.

I laughed “And this is just level two. You know there is no going back now.”

The timer ended the round and I removed the torturous devises. I had warned her I was a demon in disguise. I had lit a candle for the next part so the wax would be read for level three to begin. No reprieve as I dropped 30 drips of wax on each nipple. Then had her lay back on the bed and dropped 60 on her pussy and clit. The remaining candle I dripped all over her ass. After it had hardened I cut it off slowly with a blade. That ended stage three.

Stage four I offered an evil mercy in the form of ice I had brought with me. The timer made three beeps that alone made Kathy nervous. The sudden invasion of 4 pieces of ice into her pussy made her yell out, followed by the ass. Those were to melt on their own. Her nipples I put the ice directly on them for three minutes.

I picked up the pin wheel knowing the ice had made her very sensitive and started running it across her nipples hard. 40 passes over each nipple then forty to her clit. With sadistic glee I forced the handle in her ass and fucked her with the cold metal. A few minutes passed and I decided it was enough. She survived stage five. Her whole body shook as I let her take a minute to gather her thoughts, if her mind was still working at that point.

Stage six began as set the timer for 10 minutes then started flogging each nipple. It was the same for her pussy and ass as she moaned and thrashed about. Her body was starting to show the effects of the torment as I finished. Her body now red from the flogging as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Without warning I started level seven as I ran a needle through her nipple. Then another the other direction. Each nipple had two needles then I ran one through each side of her pussy lips long ways and placed a piece of ginger back in her tormented ass. It seemed like five minutes went fast as I took the ginger out but left the needles in.

Stage eight began as I picked up the blade, slowly drawing a line with it around her areola. Several rounds with the razor sharp blade as she shuddered now. A light welling of blood began to show and trickle down. Then I had her lay on the bed and the same was done around her pussy.

“Oh my god, it feels like you are going to cut me to pieces.”

I just laughed as I had her stand and slashed across each ass cheek three times. Then I let her stand there as I admired my work so far. I had promised her hell and so far I think I had done a good job delivering.

Stage nine I got the large dildo and beat each breast ten times per side before forcing it into her pussy and ass for three minutes in each hole.  There was no reprieve between level nine and ten as I used a medical clamp on each nipple and twisted them hard for a minute. When I let got she collapsed to the floor on all fours. Perfect for the rest of level 10 as I used the soda bottle and force it first into her pussy for a five minute fuck then her ass.

soda bottle

I could tell she was going numb I set the time for ten minutes. Her body shook as tears began to stream down her face. She knew stopping might result in her having to finish to level 15 as agreed as she slowly got to her feet. “I’m ready” she croaked through her dry mouth.

rubber band

Level eleven began. I took out a childhood favorite from my evil toy box. I started with a snap of the rubber band of her nipple. Thirty per nipple then the same with her clit and ass. She was sobbing now.

“Please no more, please. I can’t go in.”

“So you’re ready for me to open the envelope and see if you made it. We just finished eleven.”

Kathy looked toward me, the contact were still in I could tell she was done for. I took the envelope and opened it.

“Oh you won’t like hearing this.” I said with a sound of almost pity.

“Oh god no, please no.”

“You said if you stopped early that I had to make you finish.”

Kathy was sobbing now. She was broken as I looked at the number and smiled. I reached over and pulled out the needles from her nipples then pushed her over and took the ones from her pussy. “You passed” I whispered in her ear. Her sobs now filled the room. I gave her a blanket and some water then let her calm down. I drove her back to the hotel and left her in her room. Once I closed the door she could take out the contacts again. She survive a night of hell. I still healed the paper and laughed. Of all the odds she drew a six. She made it much farther than she needed to. Her driving force of course what if she failed and I had to finish and do all fifteen levels of hell to her as we agreed on.

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  • Cammies on the floor

    Mouse trap at level 2?! WTF, some of the higher levels I would’ve put at two versus a mouse trap.
    I used to play games with my husband of a similar nature, though nowhere near to such levels

    • Lord Raven Post author

      oh I have my evil ways. Of course some don’t think the wax or ice is as bad but after the skin being made so sensitive it would be much worse.

  • Miss Lily

    I agree with Cammies on the Floor. I would have willingly gone through some higher levels. I think the mouse traps sounded like hell.Was that an intentional mind-fuck to use mouse traps so early? I do think you put a lot of thought into the earlier stages making later stages more painful. I love this story. My inner Sadist has been day dreaming all week. It takes great talent to make me relate with the joy of both the top and the bottom. Well written.

    A fan of Lord Raven,
    Miss Lily

    • Lord Raven Post author

      ah you are correct. the latter stages that would be not as bad actually would be quite painful because of the earlier harder torment. It is all about breaking the body and mind in this twisted game.
      I’m glad I gave you something to think about all week. I;ll try to bring something just as delightful next week.

    • Lord Raven Post author

      evil delights of a wicked mind. Thank you for giving a place to share

  • Fred Strunk

    Wonder What the Other 4 Levels Would Be? Could Have Been ‘ Masturbation Monday’

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