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It all started as an idea, twisted as it might be but Kathy never thought anyone would really take her up on it. After all it was just a fantasy idea, right. No one would take her up on a meet like she was purposing. The idea was simple but deviant in every way. A random meet with a stranger for a weekend with a dare to go through as many sadistic levels as they could dream up. Each level was comprised of an action done to her tits, pussy and ass. They would have to make fifteen levels in all, each harder to pass than the last. There would be a box with 50 pieces of paper on them would be a number listing what level she had to complete to win, if she failed she purposed she would have to do them all. There would be one set from five to fifteen then the rest were ten to fifteen. IT would be a test of mental and physical endurance. Just for added kicks she said she would meet her tormentor in the place of their choice and be wearing blinding contacts so she would never know their true identity. She also said there should be some kind of interview before they got started so they had a recording that she was a willing participant for her own game.

The random email on the site made her giggle, he read her stage dare and then talked with her about each step to making it happen. It was simple, at least to her, till she explained it out. She could almost feel his sadistic glee as he said ok and then for a few days nothing. She though he was just another guy who liked the idea but it was too much trouble to make it all up. A couple days later she got a message and her stomach knotted instantly. “When can you get here?” Those five simple words coming from the man she had to explain everything out to in detail was now ready to play her game. She now knew why he asked so many questions, he was building the idea in his head but wanted to make sure she was in for anything his twisted mind desired. The only thing she asked to know about the stages was what level fifteen was in advance so she would be motivated to not fail. In retrospect she thought maybe level one through fourteen should be in the box and fifteen as a punishment for failing to make whatever level she picked. She knew it was put up or shut up time as she typed out her reply. She sent him a list of weekends she could come and she waited for his reply.

Kathy blinked and swallowed hard as she looked at the paper. The list of what she would endure if she didn’t make it to the level that was randomly pulled for her. Excitement ran through her as she boarded the plane, and a shiver of fear. If the last level was so intense she could only imagine what it would be to prevent the sadistic man from forcing her to complete them all if she failed. Her mind wandered as the engines roared. She felt herself being pushed back into her seat as in a moment she was in the air.

Her mind raced over the details again. Fifty pieces of paper one set numbered five to fifteen the remaining ten through fifteen. Those would be the pool she would draw from, then it would be put in an envelope with neither seeing what she had drawn. Then the levels began, there was no escaping one through five, she agreed to go through those, after all this was meant to see how far she could go. Each level was an action done to her tits, pussy, and ass, she felt her pussy and ass clench thinking of what could be waiting. She had to push through and make whatever level she chose, even though she wouldn’t know till she finally begged for it to stop. Now it was just waiting for the flight to be over, her nerves were on edge as the plane and her anticipation climbed over the clouds.

Sitting in the airport lobby I waited, I knew what Kathy looked like but she had no clue other than I was older. I never told her how much but that wouldn’t matter once things got started. I had set up her place to stay and the hotel she would be in where I would “abduct” her. She got in the cab and I followed not far back, watched as she had dinner in the nearby restaurant and finally went to her room where she would put the contacts in so she would not know who I was. I gave her 30 minutes to let her emotions play deeper in her mind. When I knocked she said come in. I half expected she would be looking right at me but there she sat with the blackout contacts in. She was trembling a little as I made the prearranged introduction. A minute later I was escorting Kathy out of the hotel and into the car. I snickered as an older couple said oh how romantic. If they only knew the levels of hell waiting for her.


Driving around I had the place already set up and ready for her torment to begin. Of course we planned for it to start the next day and tonight I got to fuck her if I wished. Once we got to the destination I escorted her out of the car and to the place. As soon as the door closed I cut her clothed right down the back with the blade I had in my hand. “You won’t be needing those ever again” I growled as her body now shook with the new chill of fear. I pushed her face down over the edge of the bed I had set up and explored her young body. Knowing she had no idea what I looked like made it even more exciting. I rammed my fingers into her cunt and fucked her for a moment before putting on the condom and ripping into her hole. Finally I had enough as I had used a few condoms and made her suck my cock one last time before I left her for the night. I knew as soon as I left the room she would be allowed to take the contacts out and use the room I had set up that she was locked in.

My favorite part was she had no idea my identity and she wrote me a blank check as to how to use and abuse her body.

To be continued…

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