The 20 Minute Orgasm 11

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The Twenty Minute Orgasm


I have been waiting for her amazing little mouth to start sucking my cock in earnest for hours.   Ok maybe its been since the last time she stopped.   Though it had been hours since we were together again so that seems amount of time only fair.


At a few points that night I had to have her lips around my head, her tongue pressing firmly along the shaft, her tongue swirling around the tip when she moved.  She would have gladly done that to me anytime i wanted or asked but I kept removing myself from her.  In part as a power dynamic, in part just to stay on task in the scenes we were having.


So with her striped completely  naked ezcept for a single piece of jewelry she was  swimming in pleasure, or pain, and sometimes both.  For now reason other than i wanted to I’d place her on her knees at my feet. I had to indulge. How could one resist? So yes at a few points i played the cliche part of the big bad dom with the “helpless” yet willing little sub and put my dick in her mouth so she work a bit of her magic on me. At a few points even prior she went down on me of her own initiative and was the perfect little cock sucker of my dreams.   


I like that she takes pleasure in my pleasure. That gets me off in ways worthy of their post.  

After a lot of great time together and my focus being on her and her orgasms the Sexy Little Temptress decided it was time to focus on mine.   We were on a huge couch that had its pillows askew from other fun.   She settled in between my legs.  This man’s will to say no long since eroded. My need to orgasm from everything we had shared kinky, sexy and connective took over.

Her lips parted and the head of my cock disappeared.  This was sexual pleasure at its finest from the outset. Instantly my thoughts raced through the intensity of my first orgasm with her.  It was like heroin. An addiction that filled my thoughts, fantasies and quiet moments far more than it should’ve.  Was I “chasing the dragon”? That first incredible high that is never quite as good again even with the same drug.   The root of addiction.  After all she was already quickly becoming one of my unquenchable addictions.


Then she moved into a slow intense rhythm. Taking more and more of me into her talented mouth, building the intensity of her efforts first as she move up and down on my ever hardening cock.  Her hand on the base squeezing just firm enough, moving in tandem with her head. Her hair glistening in perfect waves as she worked me from very bottom of the base to the tip of the tip.


“ Fucking christ”escaped my mouth; part guttural growl and part true astonishment at my level of pleasure as the pace began to build. I savored every sensation. The last time she sucked me off I could feel her mouth on my dick for days, this seemed more powerful.   I watched her. The focus she placed  on me made all that much hotter.  My long overdue orgasm began building slowly and very far in the distance.  Like a tidal wave moving toward shore long before beginning to crest is starts deep and far away. And like a wave fraught with destruction and savage power it grew one last time in intensity before the devastation was released.  I was unable to be stoic, i told her how hot it  was, how i was going to cum so incredibly hard. In part in praise and in part in warning. And then after holding out a little longer,  she went up and down sucking at my cock furiously. I held on. Then a few more seconds; finally at the point that could easily be seen as the calm before for the storm  as her efforts built my orgasm upon itself until control was no longer possible. It quite literally felt like the most divine explosion.


The first wave of semen made my balls clench painfully tight, the second was the exact same intensity. Not lesser at all perhaps even imperceptibly stronger.  I moaned voraciously into the silence of dimly lit room. The third pulse only slightly diminished from the first two. Her amazing mouth kept working my cock in perfect time with my release.


It was an overwhelming sensation as the fourth pulse of cum escaped.  I could still feel it rise from the base of my cock, up its entire length before driving through my head and launching itself with purpose and intent outward into her mouth.


Purely erotic and deeply sensual bliss.


By the sixth wave, literally there was a millisecond of concern about cumming too much?  About overwhelming her by continuing.  God it felt like a delicious eternity.  I stopped being able to focus on anything other the fact i was still in the throes of my release.  Still orgasming as she literally sucked every drop possible out of me.


It literally felt like that had been a 20 minute orgasm. I may have been chasing the proverbial dragon but on that mythical hunt, a knight’s errand  had somehow managed to catch the beast.   


My lover had truly already easily become top three in my lifetime in terms of blow jobs for an orgasm she had given me previously.  On this occasion she literally gave me one of the most powerful releases of my life in any sexual act.  It is one that will be with me forever.


She’d take a few moments to recover, sliding up next to me. I watched both intently and floating in that post orgasmic haze somewhere in the distance.  She took my withering hardness into her mouth again. It was divine. I could feel my next erection beginning if she continued.
Later we would talk about the experience. About how astonishing it was for me.  She’d ask me questions, wanting know and understand me better.  Which i really like and appreciate.  Yet in those blissful post sex moments i never seem to find all the words that truly express everything.  I’m not sure I still have this is much much better.

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