The Meeting 3

Come to the wooded line, that was all it said
The note left for her to get into her head
A shiver ran along her spine as she stood now
In the dew of the night, in her evening gown


His eyes glowed with delight as he saw here there
Hunger grew as the breeze tossed her crimson hair
Waiting as she shifted, now testing her growing nerve
Now to see if she would enter the place few dared

The gravel now gave way to the soft grass at her feet
Her shoes now removed as she walked soft and sleek
A temptress in the moonlight gliding toward the place
A look of hunger and want painted on her face

His heart raced as she walked to the place she was told
He was delighted to see one come that was so bold
The blanket under the tree to lay her on in their embrace
The place he now scurried to once again to kiss her face

The snap of a twig as her heart leapt to her throat
Anticipation of this night made her dance and float
Knowing his embrace was what she craved so desperately
In his arms she would find the depths of eternity

His arms could not wait as he grabbed her quickly
The hunger in his body raged as she submitted willingly
Her body his as she melted into his embrace
His hand now firm and tender as he lifted her face

Kisses fell upon her lips as her body melted into him
His nails tore the clothing away as he would begin
Naked she stood in the place he commanded her too
On his knees her legs now spread for the view

A ravenous tongue now delighted in her sweet taste
Mews of please escaped and were etched on her face
His intrusion now entered as her body danced for him
She was lost in bliss as she felt the slithering enter in

Pulsing and swirling in her most needing places she cried out
Her hands now fell to his head to hold herself still upright
The bark of the tree now pressed on her flesh digging in her back
Sounds of pleasure echoed in the woods from his lusty attack

Her body trembled as he lay her on the blanket to savor
mounting her soft flesh his warmth became heat to devour
His first thrust she yelped then melted as he took her hard
Pumping as a wild stallion charging into battle hard

Eyes blazed with passion as she felt it begging deep inside
No stopping as she wailed a banshee’s haunting cry
She released her lustful soul as he took her deeper still
Her eyes widened as she felt his throb and his filling her

Another wave took her as her body went stiff and she screamed
The world started to fade as she felt herself fall into a dream
His fangs now deep in her throat as he drank deep
Taking her into him as she drifted into forever sleep.

Taking her body now wrapped in the blanket soft
This was a beauty he would not just to the side toss
Laying her in the crypt of his lovers that too had fed him
Her beauty forever as the marble took her in…


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About Lord Raven

Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the “traditional” manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.

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  • Miss Lily

    I just wanted to leave some fan mail for Lord Raven. I enjoy reading your posts of the sexy dark preditor Dom whom enjoys knife play. A good friend of mine always dreamt of a dom willing to use a knife with her, and some of the posts from your Alice has given me insight into this kink in a way that I can easily relate to despite having never experienced knife play. Thank you, and have a beautifully wonderful sexy weekend.
    Just another admiring fan,
    Miss Lily

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