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Megan’s  foot ran across the side of his leg and his whole body shuddered. Her girlish giggle made the sweat pour from his hands as he tried to steady them and finish writing. No power in the heavens or under the earth could take his eyes off her chest as she stood up and leaned across the dining room table. Her lithe body now sensually walked around the only obstacle between them, a chair left half pilled out. The cotton candy pink colored nail ran up along his arm as chills ran along his spine, the shudders now caused him to crave more. His lust that he quelled for so long now threatened to take over as Megan leaned over next to his ear.


“Mr. Johnson” she paused drawing closer, her perfume soft and sweet. The smell of strawberry lips gloss carried her hot breath across the back of his neck. “Dave, you have been a bad boy, I see how you have looked at me for the last few years. Wanting but knowing you can’t touch.” Her voice in a mock pout.

“Megan please stop” his voice weakened as his throat was dry as the desert.

“Do you really want me to stop?” she cooed leaning over and swaying her plump young tits just inches from his face.

His mind raced to think of something to say but went totally blank when she pressed her finger against his lips and smiled a cute devilish smile. That giggle she made, the last of his resistance fade away. She pushed the papers that were on the table out of the way and slid her soft ass on the hard wood now straddling the chair Dave sat in.

“All the others I babysit for got me something for my birthday, but you didn’t. Did you forget?” she teased as her finger now traced along his face and over his ear.

Her nails ran over his scalp combing through the gray hair that showed on the sides. Dave looked toward the steps quickly, it was just the cat that had come down to curl in its favorite spot.

“Relax, they are fast asleep. I tucked them in hours ago. It was fortunate you had to work late tonight isn’t it?”

“What,” his voice cracked as he tried to fight for composure “what would you like for your birthday?”

Her eyes seemed to smolder as she licked her lips. Taunting him as she ran her hands over the flesh that had been so tempting. Her feet now on the arm rails on either side of him. Her hands ran down and lifted her skirt. Her pink panties revealed the wet area that covered the most tempting piece of flesh in Dave’s world.

“I hear you are good with your tongue. I want to find out for myself.” She said as her hand rubbed the material

“Who told you that?” Dave’s face now almost white now as fear of more than just his loose tongue was at play here

“I heard mom talking to the other women, it seems you have quite a reputation of getting the job done right. I want to feel that special tongue on me too. Is that too much for a girl to ask for her eighteenth birthday?”

Megan batted her eyes at Dave. That revelation was all it took, he reached with his hand and caressed the wet spot. The world be damned he was going to have what he had desired for so long. As his fingers ran over the material she cooed and leaned back. Opening her legs wider as he became intoxicated on her sweet musky scent. He pulled the material to the side slipping a finger in, the soft skin so wet and ready as he ran through the outer fold teasing her while she let soft mews of pleasure. His other hand reaching for the side of the panties pulling them down as she lifted her hips to allow them to be slid off. Dave’s fingers were not free to explore the soft pink flesh that was crowned with a soft reddish fur.

Dipping deeper with each little push he watch and listened as her body arched. His thumb now worked her clit running circles and over the top till he found the combination at made her shake with pleasure. Pressing another finger in, she squirmed even more as his fingered rubbed the inside of her wet pussy. Twisting just enough to hit the spot he knew should send her into orbit. His finger pressed against the underside of her pelvic bone. That was her spot too. Her whole body shuddered as her arms slipped and she landed on the table writhing oh his fingers. He kept the pressure going as she soaked his hand with her juices. As she began to catch her breath he pulled his fingers out and licked them.

Megan was breathless for a moment before leaning up and grabbing Dave’s tie.

“Now lick my pussy, taste me and make me cum on your face!”

Her voice no long the soft sweet temptress but that of the wild hungry woman in lust for more. This pleased Dave as he didn’t need to be asked, or told, twice. His hands dug into her soft hips as his tongue started licking and dancing on her soaked pussy. He was totally lost in the moment as he devoured every drop that ran out of her and now down his goatee. She grabbed his head her finger locked in his hair as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. Her moans now growing louder as she shook them came all over his face, her explosion flooding his face and onto the table. He looked up to the flushed young face, his tongue still dabbing the edges of her pussy. He knew she would be wanting more.

Dave woke to the sound of the alarm on the coffee pot, his face half glued to the dining room table from drool. A sound coming around the corner, he smiled for a moment thinking about his night. Then a sleepy yawn as she walked in the room. He tried to recover as the roller covered head and mud masked face appeared.

“Good morning, did you fall asleep out here again?” the sleepy voice said through a yawn.

“Yeah I guess I did.” He said

“You know the doc said it’s not good for your back. Anyway don’t forget I’ll be out of town this weekend and Megan is coming over to babysit. What are we going to do now? I will miss her now that she is leaving for college. We should get her something nice as a going away gift. What do you think?”

Dave sat silent for a moment rubbing the raging hard on the table was hiding from his wife. “Yes we should, maybe I’ll give her something nice since it was just her birthday too.”

“Aww you’re such a sweet man. Well I hope she likes it.”

Dave smiled “Me too”….

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