The Night Before – Paddled Like a Naughty Schoolgirl 1

schoolgirl bent over a desk and paddled

A Schoolgril spanking fantasy Alex Reynolds finds herself getting spanked in dention

AAA Spanking Alex Reynolds having her skirt lifted in Exemplary Detention

Paddled Like a Naughty Schoolgirl

“That’s it young lady. You have been warned and now you butt is going to pay for your attitude and bratty mouth.  You need to be paddled like a naughty schoolgirl to learn your lesson.” She looked at her husband mockingly. Then he added. “it’s off to the principal’s office with you.” Handing her a note with an address and room number on it, Followed by  second form that read


Punishment Slip

Student Name __________Alice King______________

Offense Disrespect, Inappropriate Language, and Bad Attitude



Recommendation Corporal Punishment and Detention



Additional Information ____Second Referral for behavioral issues this term_______



Well he said with a smile “you’re in enough trouble already I wouldn’t keep him waiting. She gather a few things. Plugged the address into her phone not knowing who or what was waiting for her on the other end. So her skort clad bottom and tank top nervously made their way to the car. Not that her work out clothes would offer her poor bottom much protection if she was going to get swats. Het stomach flipped and her pussy clenched at that thought.


A short time later she arrived as the address, parked the car, made her way through the lobby and thought about whether or not any of those people secretly knew her fate. Just like being sent to the office at school was she going to be paddled like a naughty school girl and before lunch the entire place would be whispering about how she had yet again managed to have her bottom whacked with the board.



Ding – the elevator announced its arrival at appropriate floor. She walked down the hall and knocked on the door. Sir stood there in a suit and tie that unlike his usual ones had the actual look of something a school administrator might wear. “Can I help you?” he greeted her not breaking character. Alice produced her “Punishment slip” from her purse. He made he stand there on the threshold while reading it.

“Well Miss I think you are overdue to come in” not once breaking from character. “Have a seat and I’ll be with you shortly and pointed her to a chair.   HE went about his business doing whatever until he finally looked up at her “OK Miss. Let’s talk about why you’re hear and what we’re going to do about it.”


Reciting the punishment slip to her word for word and having poor Alice elaborate of each offence he was every bit the stern disciplinary one would expect. When he was done hearing her side of it.


OK Ms King here’s what’s going to happen. To start your time here you are going to write for me “I am a very naughty girl and deserve to be paddled for my attitude, language and disrespect.

After you’ve completed those 100 lines for me you’ll be given 10 swats with the heavy paddle. After which you will complete the following questionnaire on why you had to have swats applied to your bottom, what you learned from it and how you are going to avoid being sent here to be disciplined by me again.


She was given loose leaf paper and a pencil. Cursing silently in her head she began writing her lines.   Not in any hurry she took her time but finally finished and let Sir know that she had completed them. Very well.   He said bringing out the paddle and placing it on the desk in front of her with a solid thud. Then took his time looking at eve one of the lines she had written for proper form.

“Stand up, come over here, Place your hands on the wall and bend over” She obeyed and her all to thin skort stretched across her lovely round bottom. She wished she had worn jeans today, and thicker panties, anything to help with the pain and marks she was about to receive. One would think such a good bad girl would be better prepared.


He advised to hold position or there would be plenty swats and to count each whack of the paddle.

Failure to count would of course earn this schoolgirl another swat.

He tapped he butt with the paddle before landing a solid searing swat. The kind that he left in place well after it landed and her backside was set on fire.

two girls lined up facing the wall and paddled over their jeans

from Firm Hand Spanking two naughty schoolgirls paddled over their jeans

“One” she said noting how no warm up unlike when they played other games made all the difference.

The second landed, then the third, this was serious he was delivering every bit an authentic school paddling to her. Each swat’s force measured, her bottom already bruising for the board landing solidly. Lengthening the time between impact sop just as the pain stared to fade it exploded again.   Eventually the paddle landed for the 10th time. She waiting until being told to stand and then led to a hard wooden chair, made to sign her punishment slip, and given the essay to complete while sitting not at all comfortably.

When she finished her second writing assignment he finally broke character. “Let’s discuss this over dinner and then get you home and in bed.   You have a very long day ahead of you tomorrow” His evil grin giving her just a hint of what she might be in for.


Of course not wanting her to forget what had happened he had her seated on an unpadded wooden chair at dinner and then would make her tell him stories about her most recent paddling, her past punishments and other spanking she had gotten.   Her day of Service and submission laid before her but he very much wanted her to remember the past as she wondered about the future.


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