The Lousy Sadist 3

Purple MFP Bondage Rope

The Lousy Sadist

They are going to revoke my sadist card. At the very least I’m going to lose the North America Three years running “Sadist Most Likely to have an Ironic Sense of Timing During a Scene” title. Not to mention the embarrassment of having to resign the chairmanship of the annual cake walk fund raiser for future sadist’s charity event.   And like usual it’s a woman albeit a very Sexy Little Temptress that has led me to this ruin.


Look folks I’m a pretty good sadist. Not world class by any means but still pretty decent. I have a list of people who will testify to that very fact.   That normally I like watching you writhe while begging and pleading for me to stop. Please in not a safe word. I like leaving marks to remind you of what you wanted, needed, or desired for me to do to you. I love being the little monster somewhere inside your head secretly wondering how far I will go, how bad it will be and never knowing exactly what has been planned. And if you only knew! Oh how walking you so close to your edge and letting you linger there in your own damnable headspace deciding what to do next trips my trigger.


Instead as I stand there towering over your otherwise naked body that is wrapped in my ropes. You are exposed and willing. I move you, just enough that their wraps bite into you just a little differently. Move you this way and that as the knot on the crotch rope presses deeper into your nether region. Reading your face as the mix between pleasure and mild agony trade places back and forth in your mind.   And sure I planned to tie your hands to your ankles. Legs secured wide and take a series of ouchy things to your lovely little bottom, thighs, and breasts.   And right before I go there you start to purr.   I feel you melt, I become more of a lover than a sadist.   I want to hurt you, just a little but instead  the desire to hear those moans of pleasure over whelmed me. It won’t always be this way but tonight it is.


This was supposed to be the warm up. practice, a chance to catch up and reconnect.  A few ties meant to be a comparison for Hemp Vs. MFP version 2 (post forth coming at the time of writing) yet somewhere it turned into a scene. It was supposed to be scientific (in a way) yet when I knew it turned you on my headspace changed as well. It went from basically practice to something different. Instead of finishing the tie I split the ropes and passed another set between her legs. I’ve already been toying the first pass  placed between her lips just to tease her. Instead of tying those off I wrap them quickly around her wrists and put the running ends in her hands. Improv predicament bondage. Crude but fun.


“Don’t let go” I tell her then raise her hands up to a level of increased discomfort and focus instead on things that I’ve learned turn her on. A little touching, a pinch and or caress/ a little rough handling, making her move and torment herself a little more with each step. That beguiling smile crosses her lips as our eyes meet. Hands barely touch her nipples.

No more mean guy not it’s all about getting her off.   Sure I put a run of rope across the existing harness and pinch her nipples between them just a little. Such beautiful breasts I want to do all kinds of things to them, maybe a little later. Ok definitely a little later! The crotch rope gets teased and tugged. My hand dances over it beside it and around it. You know because well she is mixing those sounds I have learned to love with just a little bit of discomfort.   I may be a lousy sadist but I am still a sadist. A pat or two on that sexy bottom of hers. Nothing serious. Not enough to even make a nilla flinch but a smack on her bum none the less.

She’s bent over and pushed down on the bed, spun back around and kissed. hand going from thighs to crotch, to over the rope. Along the way I steal some kisses. For me an odd behavior but nothing about playing with her so far for me is what it usually is.  She is tempting. But at the same time disarming. My guard is down and my desire is off the charts.


Next the ropes begin to come off. I take the running ends from her hands, un wrap her wrists pass that set of ropes back between her legs releasing some of the tension. And start the long slow pull letting each pass reverberate against her lovely and seductive bared flesh. Languid pulls nearly 100 feet of rope some slow, some with more friction than others and I play with the tension of my hands against the loops they are passing through. One rope hits the floor, then another and then the last part of the harness comes off.

Still in pseudo top mode I send her off the fetch a toy. She needs to cum, it has been a lot of build up and somehow she ends up on the bed. Whether she kaid down or  I placed her there literally I couldn’t tell you.  Maybe both but no matter a naked woman on a bed wit a vibe and the need to orgasm.  Fucking buttons, I pick one and start to work the toy against her, then into her. Slowly and softly then with pace and purpose.   Reading her moans and purrs. They are different. Taking her to that edge of release, through release and to the point of being overly sensitive. She casts the toy aside. Momentarily spent. I hold her, then wrap her in a blanket. Kiss her gently then embrace her again.


We talk as I coil the rope. She offers to help which was sweet but I want her well rested for later. Our night isn’t over in fact it has just begun so I hank them myself. We chat calm and comfortable.   Of course I’m comfortable I’m still fully clothed and there is very sex and very naked woman on the bed next to where I’m standing. The ropes are damp with her sweat. I felt perspiration roll from my lats to the top of my ass during the scene.  It was hot both figuratively and literally based on that reaction.

So where were the ties that were going to make her suffer? Take away her mobility, let me have her however I wanted and make her mind do that dance while I hurt her, just a little and so deliciously?  Cast aside, saved for later.

Here’s my kinkster card, my titles, and my buy out for the fund raiser. Goddess Crotchless Leather Pants is now the chair person for the Cake walk. I’ll be back in the remedial Sadist course this summer because as a sadist on this occasion I am an utter failure. And why? Because I am a lousy sadist!


A semi serious or at the very least an introspective postlude

Humor aside this is my take on what actually happened in a scene.  The play by play real except for where memory may have failed or parts inadvertently got left out because well. Naked women cause me to forget things from time to time.  Did she top from the bottom? Not from my estimation I made the call to change course.   Was she worn out, in a bad head space, too close to her limits, edge or comfort zone.   Not even close. Was she getting off on what I was doing? Yes, So unlike what people sell on the internet, the cold cruel; that is a wonderful fantasy and sometimes fun to play at but most importantly it’s about the connection you’re sharing and getting your partner off on what you’re doing.

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Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

3 thoughts on “The Lousy Sadist

  • Lord Raven

    it is not to be shamed when they flip us and use our own desires against us. the feeling I wasn’t sadistic enough and was I used for the victim’s pleasure make us question our sadistic nature. Keep the card, your going to need it. As for the chaps now that was a mental visual.
    In my honest view we don’t have to be the top sadist all the time, but rather as long as everyone enjoys then it was a great scene

  • Cammies on the Floor

    I don’t at all picture you ever being with someone who can top from the bottom. I think you saw a lover who responded well to you and you decided – as all tops do – to purse the course of action you wanted.

    BTW, a hot write up

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