Making Her Dance 1

Two spanking paddles laid out on a bed

Welcome back dear readers.  Again we find our anti heros engaged in their wicked little games.  In fact they’re already naked and well underway when he decides it’s time to make good on his promise of a less erotic but no less erotically charged spanking.




He announces his intention that is time for him to “spank her a little” like it is old hat and coffee with cream and two sweetners.  It’s still very new to her but somehow was not at all unexpected.  Then leading her to the bedroom.  She found herself standing at the end of the king sized bed when he decides to bend her exquisite naked body over it rather than start with her over his knee.  She is quite the site,  the matress the perfect height her legs spread just wide enough to tease him with a delighful view of her sweet little pussy if he stepped back. Something he would be certian to do. The first few smacks of his hand echoed out against the silence demurely.


Of course that won’t last long and after not really all that much of a warm up…for her cute little bottom anyhow the spanks intensify. Covering an entire cheek with his large solid paw against her petite backside. Sharp upward crisp spanks move from side to side with enough force and frequency to set the tone of what was to come.

Then a break, some hot passionate kisses and stroking of her lips, both over the outside and light and teasingly in between them before the lovely woman found herself being bent back over for more swats.

If you could have seen his face there would have been his trademark evil grin as she started to feel the impact and drift into that space.  His hand came down on her already warm bare bottom when he decided she had enough of a warm up and went off to gather the implements.  In fact she had been far more soundly spanked than her entire last session with him. And he was only getting started.


It would have been sexy as hell to have her bring the assortment of paddles to  him. To make her present each one. One at a time before being spanked with it and sent back to fetch the next implement. That is fun for another day. This was about creating new sensations for her. Allowing her to experience each implement for its own merits.


So first the crop. And odd choice for a first one but just a few taps followed by six good whacks on the fullest part of her cheeks. Not too much but the small impact area seemed to only heighten her awareness.


An assortment of paddles waited for her. They were laid out unceremoniously on the bed quite coincidentally just about in line with her eyes. Was she looking and wondering what each would hold?


Next her lovely little ass would get a taste of the lexan and all the sting it had to offer. Instantly you could tell it was not a sensation she would come to enjoy.  Still a few more moderate to light swats just for good measure.  She held position.  So he observed her and admired her body reminding himself to stick to the task at hand and not to be lured into other carnal delights just yet. Fucking her from behind would be an easy vice to succumb to.


Her next set of swats would be with the padded otk paddle. The harmless thud made her purr. Had they been somewhere that noise was not a concern he would have increased the intensity. And of course sadists being what they are by nature flipped it to the heavywood side without warning and applied a sharp quick but light handed spank to her right upper cheek. She protested. Broke position and jumped up.


Not being his first rodeo took note. Grabbed her and gave her bottom three more smacks with the evil side of the board before allowing his hand to wonder between her legs. Standing her up, kissing her and playing with her nipples. And right when she began to purr, to press her warm bottom back against him it was his hand and body positioning that bent her so perfectly at the waist back over the bed.  There were still two more paddles left. She waited for them willingly.


“No one likes the textured rubber one.” He warned her. It bites and stings.  And true to plan it was four very mild swats for her with this one.  Barely a flick of the wrist, fingers on the back of the floppy evil surface to contol the force.  She hated it and he noted that for a day when he needed or wanted to mark her quickly and leave her sore.


Saving his favorite for last. The small otk paddle made its way into his hand.  It is always nice to have a familiar old friend in your hand.  Sure he could take her otk but having her bent over was too tempting. The first swat covered her sit spot across her entire bottom. Then next swat moved slightly higher. From there he settled into a steady but gentle to moderate rythym.

That is when she began to dance in place. It started with her feet. Then moved up to her knees. He could see it coming as her movements became more pronounced. Her lightly glowing ass now swaying as if contemplating how to escape.  He waited and a few more swats was all it took. She started to stand.

Size matters no matter what they say.  In this case it was the size of his body that dwarfed hers. “Hold on you’re not done yet” though her body language told him she either hadn’t heard or didn’t comprehend his words. So in a fluid motion his arm wrapped around her waist his leg stepped in front of hers and he pinned her…ever so delicately of course into positon while never missing swat or breaking his pace and making her dance. He felt her surrender in his arms and then he stopped. She shot up like a rocket the moment he loosened his grip. Those moments taught him more about her than she may ever realize.


His arms swallowed her and his hands danced across her body. From her nipples to her thighs, between them lingering at the edge of her wetness and back again. Without fore thought or planning in a relatively smooth motion he swept her quite literally off her feet and balanced her precariously over his knee on a leg that had  been placed with afoot planted solidly on the bed.

She melted into his thigh. Breasts dangling deliciously. Hair tossed with abandon and her curls swung with each motion both his and hers.   He swatted bottom with his hand and then realized how spontaneous she made him.

She would tense and relax. He would speed up and slowdown. It was pure and raw. The delicate balance of her in the air and over his knee. One foot dangling.

A few more spanks, a good firm grab on her warmed bottom and then gently returning her feet back to the ground. He returning to kissing and touching her.  Eventually breaking out a camera to capture her beautiful pink bottom for all eternity.

In following days he couldn’t help but wonder if when she sat down or moved this way or that if he had left her sore? And did that make her think longingly of him.

Postlude = You can learn a lot about a person during a scene. In this case i learned to read her body better. That is something I consider important in my connection with a partner.

Also how to push her and when to pull back with out stopping. And that is all well and good. Most importantly I learned that she was concerned about my preference and intesity of play. As for me it is amazing to play with her and even more so knowing it is done as much or more so with my kinks and not hers in mind.  That is a special gift far more precious than force and intensity.

I may have been the one making her dance but i learned a few new steps along the way too.

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  • Cammies on the floor

    I love reading the other perspective, how you are learning about your partner and how you anticipate certain movement and are surprised but noting what her actions mean.
    It’s rare to read perspectives such as this, so thank you.

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