Orgasm Experience #1 The Chesty Blonde 4

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Well a bit over due but its time to bring you up to speed with my progress in the Year of the a orgasm. One of the goals was to participate in six different people’s orgasm expeiences.

Orgasm Experience 1 The Chesty Blonde

So my first orgasm experience participant is probably the most obvious…The Chesty Blonde who much to my surprise has embraced the theme like nothing else in recent years.  Obviously since whe’s my spouse this time my participation is quite literally very active.
While midnight new years eve may have featured one sleeping demon that’s been one of the few slow times sexually speaking with me around.
Somehow I think three orgasm per week goal I set for myself was upped by her to  three orgasms per sexual encounter.  Hand, mouth, and cock driven releases at almost every encounter. Of course other nights it has been mouth, cock and hand. And on a few particularly orgasmically greedy nights it was mouth, hand, cock, mouth; mouth, hand (due to a sprained tounge).
No complaints from me and she has so embraced the theme whole hearted. Havebdone a few things that might almoat qualify as a scene  and added a Doxy Massager to the mix along with a few other new toys that seem to be exceptional at producing well used and satisfied  puddle of Blonde when we finish.
At the two and a half month mark she has cum more (with me) than all of last year so on this front the year of the orgasm has been a huge success and one I have benefitted from as well.

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