The haunting good time. 7

Halloween night has always been my favorite, no exception. The kids have their costumes with their fun but it is the adult level I have come to relish with a certain wanton desire. For one night the whole of the world can embrace their darkest and most deprave fantasy and still wake the next morning with no judgment to their character. After all it was all in the “Spirit of Halloween”

Jack, Cassy and I were heading out to the party. They were shameless as we wound through the back roads, their making out was distracting to my driving. I got get a glimpse in the rear view mirror of Jack’s hands slid under the short skirt while he fingered Cassy. Her head leaned back as she spread her legs and opened herself up to his fingers. Slowing down as we turned down the dirt road we came to the cemetery we were supposed to have met the rest at. No one was there. I stopped and turned to say something to Jack but his eyes were closed as Cassy now had her head buried in his lap. The sound of her sucking and kissing his cock made mine suddenly come to life. I had to get out to clear my mind and look for the rest of our group.


Jack and Cassy kept going while I walked around looking for the others. No luck as I finally got back to the car. Cassy was sitting on the hood with Jack pumping into her in the ghostly light. I stood and watched. My own cock ached to relief as her moans mixed with the other sounds of the night. I unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock as I watched them. Cassy locked eyes with me then looked down. The look of lusty hunger in her eyes as she called me closer with her finger.

“Baby you want to suck him while I fuck you?”

Jacks words were like tossing gas on a fire. As she pushed him back and leaned over the edge of the fender. As Jack slid back in Cassy grabbed my cock with her smooth hand and pulled me closer. She had skills as she licked and sucked my shaft. The three of us now engaged as the only onlookers were the long departed who undoubtedly had stories of their own.

It wasn’t long before Jack pulled out and shot his hot stick cum all over Cassy’s sexy ass. She never missed a beat as she sucked my harder. Her mouth working my shaft milking it till I flooded her with my hot cum. She gulped it down like a starving person. She had skills.

She used and old tee shirt to clean off before sitting back on the hood. Her hands now resting in each of our laps. It wasn’t long before she was stroking our cocks. She laid back on the car and spread her legs. She had a pretty pussy that just begged to be fucked. I looked at Jack.

“GO for it dude, she wants it.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and I got up and rubbed the head of my cock over that wet smooth flesh. I teased her for a minute while I used her fluids to get my cock lubed. A few thrusts and I was in. I had fantasized about fucking Cassy many times before, now I finally had her. Deep hard thrusts while Jack got up and held her head and slid his cock into her mouth. I love using my technique of grinding skin on skin when I rammed into her. Moans gargled by the cock now sliding deep into her mouth made it even more intense.

Cassy relaxed into the attack of the two cocks. It was the first time I had seen a cock go so far down into a woman’s mouth. Jack was not just in her mouth but part way down her throat. I was hooked watching and for a moment the site of her throat swelling and collapsing with each thrust was all I could see. We got a rhythm going as we ravaged her body. It was worth missing the party for this.

I felt Cassy’s body tighten as she started cumming. Jack was now pounding her mouth as hard as I was her pussy. The clenching pussy on my cock was all I could take as I tried to pull out. She legs quickly wrapped tight as she wanted to ride out her orgasm, there was no stopping as I flooded her with my hot cum. Jack pulled out a few seconds later and shot his load on her pretty face.

We collapsed panting for a while. My cock softened while I was still in her, slipping out as my cum started running out of her and onto the hood of the car. She looked at me with a smile and ruffled my hair.

We finally went back to Jack’s place and spent the rest of the night taking turns fucking Cassy in every position together. When the morning came we sat in and awkward silence. Cassy finally broke it. Well happy Halloween guys. Last night we really had a good time, it was one night deal ok? I looked at Jack, I knew we had some things to talk about later. We had been friend for several years but this was new and I didn’t know how he would take it.


Now many years later I think back when we carve the pumpkins and remember Jack and Cassy. I flash of a smile at the memory of my friend who are still together and every year celebrate it with a reenactment of that night with whoever their lucky friend is at that time.


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