Seeing Red 2

We rolled around in the dark covered in sweat panting for months before we bothered to learn each other’s names.  Oh and it wasn’t just us. There were others who came and went but week in and week out. we found ourselves in the same situation with a few other regulars and the roatstong scenery.  Silently moving with the rhythm soaked in sweat, mostly naked or at best barely clothed and contorting ourselves into countless positions and leaving littlebto the imagination. Some how both elegant and primal.

No mirrors on the ceiling but on every wall leaving nothing but your own body and gaze staring back at you, No pink champagne but countless bottles filled with ice.

It was back in the middle of December when she first (truly) approached me.  I declined the offer although women who know what they want and communicate it are really sexy in my book. Early in the new year we established that I was married. Nothing else was offered…after all we don’t really know each other (yet).

In fact here’s what we do know. She is substantially younger, far more fit, and seemingly undeterred by my relationship status. She kept chatting, upped the flirting on occasion and made sure to stay be in line of sight and on ocassion closer.  And of course she was noticing that I noticed.

What she knows about me.  Everything revolves around coffee, relationship status and that my work involves travel.

Just boys being boys and girls being girls and doing that dance that is all to familiar. Harmless nothing more.  Others have mentioned her to me in passing. A mutual friend has encouraged me “She is a very fun girl.”  Advocating meeting for drinks etc.

Today it seems she felt the need to up the stakes. “You know Mal I don’t give a fuck that you’re married”.

Ladies and Gentlemen I believe it may be game on. No decision has been made yet it seems I may end up actually seeing Red. After all its the chase that I love. Though who is chasing who is pretty clear.

Then again it really shouldn’t be surprising. Dark hot rooms are places i’ve always done well.




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