My Day of Punishments Part 1 32

I have been holding this write as my little reminder of a very special day. With my birthday coming up in April I have decided to finally share this. This is going to be multi-part mostly due to length.



This day started with a Good morning text that I replied to complaining about how I was woken up being stared at and the furry critters joining me on the bed. Shortly after we spoke on the phone and I was given 45 minutes to wake up and to expect a call to start my day with my first task. When I received that call I was a bit surprised to hear my day will start and end with me bare bottom sitting in a corner of my choosing.


I chose a corner in the bedroom that was by the door being no furniture would be in the way and kneeled with my butt exposed for 15 minutes. To say that was interesting would be an understatement. I had not realized 2 of my cats were in the room when I closed the door. One just sat by and stared at me while the other kept circling and sniffing my butt. Within a short time I could hear on the other side of the door my dog whimpering to get in. He is easy to ignore however the sudden realization that my cat Enola was attempting to get in was not. She kept reaching under the door and trying to grab at me all the while Codi was circling.


When I was able to ignore them thoughts ran through my head of the coming evening and just what Malflic and Lord Raven may have in store for me. To be honest I am both nervous and excited as I know full well this is a punishment and not going to be a “normal” night of play for us. That brings me to my next task I received after calling Malflic when I had completed my first task.


Task number 2 is for me to document all my tasks throughout the day and how I feel about them as well as to write down why tonight is for punishment. Oh damn that list is long and spans such a long length of time. I only hope I remember most of them and don’t forgot ones that have left a huge impression on Malflic.


I have been given 30 minutes for this and half that time is gone just thinking of the start of the day. One huge reason to me that this is a punishment is the multiple times for years now that I have teased Malflic in various ways. I have often reminded him how difficult it is to leave marks on my butt as he has learned that first hand. During our first play session he paused to look at the results. It was then he saw how within 15 minutes the marks he had left faded. Add to that the fact I gleefully bounce on chairs after to show it did not hurt. Those 2 things alone make me due for a multi colored ass that I cannot sit on.  The irony is in many ways I have teased him in text not to be asking for it however because I just miss seeing him and in my little way daring him so he will make a trip here. I always enjoy spending time with him yet the last visit left no time for play and the one prior to that plans had to change for unforeseen circumstances. I understand when things like that happen yet tease him like a little brat. Add to that my tendency to be a wee bit sassy at times and yep I am owed many a punishment.


Malflic and I discuss everything and anything. For years I have talked to him after various play sessions. I have already fucked up and did not call Malflic back in thirty minutes.  Thankfully Malflic has given me the ok to fix typing issues on this and to add to the list of why this is a punishment.


Oh fucking damn. Was just informed how I have to insert a butt plug for the next hour. I have not worn one in a long time and am currently sitting here more focused on it not popping out than anything else. I have also been reminded how Lord Raven has given total control over today to Malflic.  I have a feeling today will be filled with a series of firsts and perhaps be doing some of the infamous bucket list he has posted. Fuck I keep having to check placement of my plug!!!!! Fucking A I forgot to text Malflic when I put the plug in! Damn it I truly suck at following directions. I am realizing today is a crash course of “don’t forget you are a fucking sub”. In many ways I need this as being sick the past year the focus has been on my health and being able to work.


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