Darkness, Kink, and Orgasm Participant #2

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Darkness, hidden deep in your tarnished  soul
So feed it a brunette you use to know
You missed the moans, the pleas, and screams.
As the night swallowed both her and me.
Not complicated and it never was
Just a loose one, her, and a little fun
Not much for words. She prefers to act
Pinned to the wall, cold stone against her back.
She told him that she knows something about him has changed.
Like anyone really stays the same.
He can not say he did not touch but outside of her getting the hand the belt and a old hair brush
Other than that he mostly watched.
Then then they talked and had coffee and cake.
She showed her marks and the wet spot she made.
So she was kissed and used and soundly spanked.
And blushed a little when she said good bye and told him thanks.
It’s just a game they use to play.
And rediscovered late yesterday.
A little harmless dirty fun.
The moments passed and once again done is done.

About Malflic

Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I’m an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.