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A shirtless Lord Raven

Well its kink of the week time once again and of course I’m up against the deadline. So let’s get straight to the point of this trifecta on nipples.

First up my nipples.
So a few fun facts about my nipples…
1) They are even by male standards very small. I suspect that somewhere in the future if males evolve to not have nipples my blood line will be on the front end of evolution.
2) I pierced them myself at 20. It didn’t last long as the damn rings kept getting caught in the sheets when I’d sleep (of course I always slept nude in those days). I had not considered the sexuality aspect of such an action at the time. It was merely for decoration and to be shocking. Once upon a time I had a body that was mostly naked, most of the time. This was at the height of that period. Barbells were a foreign concept, nipple piercings were only rings in my limited world view at the time.
3) In my world it is often if not always a bit Nippy out. Mine are usually erect when it’s cold (no surprise) when my heart rate is up (high beams while lifting and running go hand in hand for me), or when my testosterone levels are high. T shirts under dress shirts are mandatory for this reason.
4) Most of my lovers have never thought to pay any attention to them. And until now it never occurred for me to ask.
5) I’ve never played with my nipples while masturbating. It doesn’t fit the movie in my head where bad things are being done to you that I use to get off. Well that and like number 4 I never really thought of it.

So with those facts stated really my own nipples are truly more of a running joke about etching glass, impaling people and others very similar than a regular erotic zone. When the Blonde pays attention to them it’s a nonverbal cue that has developed over the years that she wants me to spend some or a lot more time with hers in the immediate future. Which takes us to the next section

Secondly nipples, nipples, and orgasms other my own.
As if the end of the previous paragraph wasn’t enough of a hint put very plainly the amount of time some people’s nipples spend getting attention from me almost always end up in my mouth, between my teeth, being rubbed, caressed, squeezed, and pinched. The Blonde can be brought to the edge and occasionally past it with the right type of nipple play. It is the one almost failsafe way to get her soaking wet eveytime. The nipples are the one area of her body where she is most verbal about…want to make her moan, pant or even scream and not hold back? Yep figure out what works on her nipples on that given night. She will try to muffle her orgasms from vibes, fingers, fucking and just about everything else but the nipples for some reason or another make her let go of herself…in a very good way.

She’s not the only lover I’ve had that loves nipple play which takes me from the vanilla to the kinky…

Nipples and Ds
1) Pierced or Not – In context of a scene whether they are pierced or not doesn’t matter to me but it does change what I do, how I do it, and in some cases the amount or type of stimulation applied. That dais I do have a special thing for ones that are pierced. Visually it makes them extra appealing, I always like the acknowledgment that a person is into something and for the most part other than my stupid younger self most people with these type of piecings do so for erotic reason (or so I have found). An indication that something about them really works for you.
2) Clamps, clothes pins and clovers – all in the toy bag depending on who, what and when. Everything from the harmless little rope nooses connected with a chair that are mainly for stimulation to brutal clamps with weights.
3) hot and cold – Wax play for me and others has basically been nipple centric all along. Sure the breasts get included, occasionally other body parts get drizzled on but it has always been about candle wax on the nipples long before it go put anywhere else. Cold use to be an occasional part of play, even vanilla fun and by that I mean using vanilla ice cream on them. Ice cubes are fine too and less messy but nowhere near as tasty. I like to literally make her part of dessert every so often.
4) Liquid latex – it was a few different pairs of nipples that first inspired me to buy a jar of liquid latex.
5) Pinch, pull, and bite – simple put yes just in a different context than this type of play in vanilla sex.
6) Popes and wheels and begging oh my. They’re engorged, ultra sensitive, and maybe even marked and sore; bring out the wheel and let the real fun begin. Beg me to stop, beg me to continue. Tell me how it hurts, how it turns you on and what else you’d like to have done to you.

In conclusion
Are nipples a kink for me? That is a tough one. The initial reaction is no. While they are something I’m fond of, have spent a fair amount of time stimulating, torturing, and what not and while I certainly like nipples for various reasons I’m not sure they’d qualify as a kink in and of themselves. But on second thought maybe I just have too much fun with them to not be a kink.

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Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

7 thoughts on “Nipples Three Way

  • Molly

    I am still writing my post, because I suck at keeping on schedule with my blog but my nipples tend to be a ‘maybe’ thing for me, depends on the time of month.

    It it interesting about men though, I have never met a man who is dominant and likes his nipples played with…. not scientific research mind you but just makes me wonder if there is some link there as it does seem to be more of a thing for male submissives

    • Malflic Post author

      Admittedly I’d rather be the one doing things to someone in most cases (ok except for getting as BJ and when the woman is on top. it’s a short list of exceptions). Interesting thoughts on the connection of male nipples and dominance. I’m going to have to ask some male tops their thoughts on this one.

  • Ima godiva

    I’ve known at least three dominant men who liked some form of nipple play, and several who didn’t. I’m definitely more careful in my approach, with a Dom.

    • Malflic Post author

      in terms of a passing sensation during vanilla sex its fine. In side a scene or Ds dynamic for me I’d have to say it’s a no go go and someone might find themselves pinned down (or worse) very quickly.

  • Jane

    I’m quite intrigued by Molly’s comment re. Doms and nipple play – not something I’ve ever considered before but now that she’s said it, I’m thinking ‘Hmmm …’ Jane xxx

  • sub-Bee

    One of the things that amazed me when Sir and I met is that he didn’t know if he liked his nipples played with or not, nobody had ever asked him and he’d never considered playing with them himself…turns out he hates it!

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