Chasing Summer 11

Runners calves - Mal's Calves post workout

Runners calves - Mal's Calves post workout

It was an evening late last week and I had come back from my run.  The sun wasn’t as oppressive, there was a breeze that didn’t feel like it came from a blast furnace.

A long early fall shadow of Mal during a twilight run

This past week a twilight 10k in sweat pants and a sleeveless shirt.  The first long pants of the season.  The sun is setting so much earlier each day.  The 40 foot shadow as I chugged up a hill reminded me of a Halloween monster. Maybe my spirit animal is a long legged freak with short arms and huge hands.

tan lined ankles after a summer of running

After countless hours in the sun using SPF 50 even my natural olive skin looks a bit white ib contrast to the bits and pieces that have been catching the sun’s rays.


So if you happen to need me… know I’m not much of a winter guy.  Instead I’ll be dreaming about doing the surfer thing; chasing an endless summer. Though it’s unlikely to be caught in which case. The reality is its roughly two months until rubber underwear season.

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