Donor needed #horror

The ad read $500 for skin donations. Margret looked and read other ads for different jobs. She looked in the mirror and sighed, she was pretty enough but the thought of working at another restaurant for some sleaze bag manage that just wanted to offer her a position in his office for her made her stomach turn. She was let go from her last job because she refused to blow the manager in the stock room. It was her word against his and she knew she would lose in the end. The picture of her with her family on her mirror some days was all that kept her going. She didn’t want to go back, another failure in the small town. The ad seemed to draw her eyes back to it, it was vague but she knew it would be fast easy money. The knock at the door jolted her, she knew who it was and she was flat broke. The landlord was a kind old man but even he had a limit to his charity. He told her she had to pay him the money she owed him by the end of the week or she was going to have to move out.

Margret looked at the ad again and picked up her phone. A female voice answered, that was a relief. Maggie got the address and assured that it would be a one day deal. In and out the lady said, for that money Maggie would have sold her soul. With her ticket in hand she took the rail to the closest station and started walking from there. Her mind began to wonder what this was really all about. Her palms started sweating when she thought it might be some killer luring anyone desperate in to murder them. When she turned the corner on the street she began to look around. The row of nice offices with manicured lawn didn’t scream danger, in fact the large office at the address was beautiful with a white fence running around it.

As Maggie walked up the door opened slowly. For a moment Maggie almost ran for it. Her heart began to settle when the lady smiled as she stepped out to the front porch with her hand held out.

“Hello Maggie, I am Selina.” The lady said with a huge smile.

It took Maggie a moment to take the ladies hand. Mid 40’s lady dressed in a business suit with the strangest looking earrings she had ever seen. The skirt showed off her perfect looking legs but Maggie had never seen a woman so flat chested before. It was a shock for a moment as the thought of her being some high tech robot flashed through Maggie’s brain. That was quickly dismissed as the warm hand clasped hers and brought her into the entry way. The marble floor were polished in the hall as the decorations were impressive. Selina left Maggie filling out some paperwork while she went and got the doctor. Standard question, name, date of birth, next of kin and so on. Medical history was standard too as Maggie was still wondering what exactly the donation was going to be. Maybe it was for burn victims or kids. Maggie tapped the pen on the lamp shade next to her as she read the last line.


“Donors will not hold the clinic responsible for change of mind after the procedure is completed.” Then a line to sign and date.

“Please don’t tap the lamp shade, it is one of my favorites” a male voice said from across the room.

Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, the pen dangled loosely in her fingers as she looked at the man she could only assume was the doctor. His dark curls were wild like a young man but tinted with light grey on the sides with one falling loosely across his eyes that he would brush away occasionally. The steel grey eyes that pierced right into her as she felt her mouth go dry and her heart race.

“I’m, I’m sorry” Maggie stammered

“It is ok. Salina gave me the material to make that one, it is a rather lovely piece don’t you think?”

Maggie looked at the lamp other than the odd leather cover it looked like a normal lamp on a desk of any office.

“I guess so. Honestly I am not really an artsy fartsy kind of girl.”

“That is fine too, I guess art is sometime lost on youth.”

Maggie felt her face flush. Did he just insult her? Maggie just wanted to get her money and get out so she pressed.

“When do we get started?”

“Well first I am Dr. Stine. And we need to explain what we expect and answer any questions you might have.”

“As long as you’re not going to kill me or harvest my organs or leave me scarred then I think I am ready.”

Dr. Stine looked at Selina then back at Maggie.

“Let us show you. Selina was one of the first donors here. She gave up her skin with very little scarring in fact Salina if you would be so kind.”

Salina removed her jacked and started unbuttoning her blouse. Maggie felt a cold sensation go through her as the shirt opened to reveal a flat chest that was skin with no breast of any kind.

“You see, I have a special touch, there is no scarring left. Her breast were causing her issues and I removed them for fee of keeping the skin for other uses. The lamp you see there is her right breast and the left was in the hall as you walked in.”

Maggie went from cold to panic. She could feel the blood run out of her face as she looked at the lamp again. The leather was in fact the skin that was once part of the woman standing there. Maggie got up slowly not saying a word as she backed toward the door. Salina buttoned her blouse and took a step toward Maggie. That was it, Maggie turned and ran till she got to the locked front door.

“My dear,” Salina began $500 is for just one side. He would gladly pay handsomely for both, he always enjoys having a set to work with.”

“You people are sick” Maggie screamed.

She almost didn’t feel the prick on her arm. A few seconds later she felt the room spin and her knees buckle as she fell into the arms of Dr. Stine.

To be continued…

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Lord Raven is a master at blending both the erotic and the macabre. He is a life Style Dominant who came into things in this way of living in the "traditional" manner and has been involved in BDSM for more than 20 years. He is a highly social creature by nature and his hobbies include paddle making, knife play, general deviance, gratuitous flirtation, and of course rough sex.