Keven’s adventures begin 2

“I hear he is married, so don’t be such a whore Sandy”
“But he looks so cute and fuckable”

I turned the corner in the break room and it went dead silent. The two women talking suddenly frozen mid conversation. I had no idea who they were talking about as I walked to the cooler to get my lunch. I glanced their way as both women were looking my direction then they turned back to one another. The one that was introduced to me as Sandy was a little red in the face the other one, I think her name was Becky, was now with her back to me. With three weeks into the new job there was no way I was about to start having some delusion of grandeur I was the one being talked about. I just got my lunch and sat down and ate it quietly at the table by myself. The silence was uncomfortable till the two left a few minutes later.

A few weeks went by and I just kept mostly to myself. Factory work was not what I had dreamed of doing again but it paid the bills and the benefits were decent. I knew there was a bowling team in the winter and a softball team in the summer so I signed up for both. I never really was much into sports but it would be nice to get to know someone. That afternoon it was softball practice. The factory down the street had challenged our team to a little one on one and I was playing shortstop. The heat of the afternoon and evening was blistering in the southern sky. Finally we were done for a day. I walked to my car and ran into Becky. I know she said something but the sweat had made her white shirt stick to her chest and I could see the lacey out line of her bra. I was focused on her clinging clothing and tanned legs for a moment when I snapped back to reality

“I’m sorry, what did you say. I think the sun fried my brain out there.” I replied.
She giggled “We are going for some drinks, would you like to come with us?”
“Sure let me just check in with the wife and let her know.”
“If she want’s she can come along, it would be fun to meet her.”
“Um ok, I will let her know.”

The address was near where I lived and I asked my wife if she wanted to come with us. She agreed and I went by for a quick shower and picking her up before heading out with the “guys”. My wife likes to show off and be looked at, I don’t know too many women who don’t and this was a great occasion for her to let her hair down. When we got there the party was just getting started. I saw several people from our team in the corner and a pitcher of beer in the middle of the table. When I rounded the corner there were the rest of the team at the other two tables. There were two empty chairs left for me and my wife, one next to Sandy, the other next to Becky. The upside down of shot glasses in the middle of the table said this was the real party table, each person had already had 2 and when we sat down another round appeared. Oh no, it was tequila. I looked at my wife and she just laughed.

“You’re driving tonight remember?” she said
“Damn it!” I tried to act hurt but inside I was relieved. That could be a very dangerous thing for me.
“Oh party pooper, you can walk to where your place is from here.” Sandy blurted out

There was that sudden silence at the table again. Everyone looked at Sandy then at us. I could feel my face start to turn red.

“What? You know I know where you all live.” Sandy blurted out

Ok she might be right because she worked in the HR department but it just felt like she had been checking up on me. I let it slide and got a coke and for me and played it off. The rest of the evening went on with talk about kicking the other team’s ass, work and various other things that seemed like normal coworker talk. My wife pounded a few shots down and I could tell it was taking effect. She leaned over and whispered something in Sandy’s ear. The gasp and evil smile on Sandy’s face made me want to crawl under the table.

“Really? I would have never guessed.” Sandy said

I knew I was sinking fast here. I pinched my wife’s leg and she jumped. She looked at me and I could see her eyes were getting hazy from the drinks. She always looked sexy but when she was drinking she became a total slut, and I loved it. Sandy walked behind me and I saw her hand run across my wife’s back slowly, raking her nails over the thin shirt she was wearing. Oh damn, I knew that would send my wife into overdrive. Now Becky was getting to learn this “secret” as her eyes grew wide with a look of shock and a red glow starting to touch her cheeks.

“Now Keven keep our drinks safe, we ladies need to go powder our noses and get all pretty.” Sandy said as she grabbed Becky by one hand and my wife by the other and ushered them to the bathroom. I sat there waiting for a while, some of the others were calling it a night and headed out. When the ladies got back I could see a smile I knew all too well on my wife’s face and Sandy was very touchy feeling with her. Becky seemed very edgy and about to explode.

“Everything ok ladies?” I asked
“Oh just fine.” Sandy and my wife said at the same time.
“JINX” Sandy screamed

My wife looked at me, she knew the game she now had to be quiet till Sandy told her it was ok to talk. I was smiling because I knew she would suffer trying to not talk.

“I think we need to move this game to somewhere more private, what do you think Alice?”

My wife’s head looked like she was possessed as she wagged it yes faster than I have ever seen. Now I knew I was missing something. Becky tried to excuse herself to go home.

“Really Becky, come on it will be fun. You need to come with us.” Sandy said

20 minutes later we all sat in the living room. My wife still jinxed and Sandy was loving it. On the ride back to the house I asked what I missed, my wife “told me” but with her lips pressed shut. Now I sat clueless, with a rum and coke while Sandy raided the liquor cabinet and came back with the Patron bottle. Becky was just sitting there shifting in her seat across from me, I could see her trying to not stare at me. At one point she was biting her lower lip. That was so fucking sexy.

“Do you mind Alice?”

Alice shook her head no, that was her favorite for special occasion. Now I was starting to get clued in on what was going on.

“Oh I am sorry Alice, you are unjinxed now.”

My wife gasped like she had been holding her breath the whole time. She started laughing, Sandy joined in and with all the laughter and tension we all just couldn’t help ourselves.

“Ok new game, we are going to play truth or dare.”


Oh fuck me, I thought. It always sounded harmless but if Sandy did her research I had a couple blots on my record from indecent exposure. I was always taking the dares because the truth often would have gotten me in more trouble. When she put my old empty absinthe bottle on the table and it started to spin I was at a loss. I was trapped now.

“Oh I found this bottle. It looked really cool and creepy so it would be perfect.” Sandy beamed as she was starting to slur her words.
“Yes that was Kevin’s first bottle of absinthe, he loves to drink that when he writes.”

Sandy’s eyebrow raised at the sudden learning I liked to write and the bottle seemed to want to stop on me.

“So Kevin, truth or dare.”
“Ask me the question first then I will decide which to choose.”
“What do you write?” Sandy asked
“I write poetry and short stories.” I said with a smile.

I got off easy as I gave the bottle a twist. It landed on Becky.

“The question is,” I thought for a moment “What happened in the bathroom tonight”

Becky’s face turned all shades of red.

“And what is my dare if I don’t want to answer.”
“You show me what happened.” I smirked
“Sandy and your wife made out after your wife told Sandy you two were in an open relationship and she liked women.” Becky’s face was crimson as she blurted it out

The other two looked at each other then at me. It was like two school girls busted. The sound of the bottle spinning now was the only sound in the room, it landed between me and Becky this time. Her face looked like it was on fire she was so red as she fumbled to think of a question. Then she suddenly blurted it out

“Would you show off your cock?”
“Was that a question or a dare?” I smirked
“Both I think” Sandy chimed in.
“Yes I would.” I said with a smile crossing my face

My turn as the bottle spun. It landed on Alice. Now I was going to bring out the ace. She knew it was no hold barred now with the look on my face and se gave a wicked smile.”

“Alice, what is your most naughty fantasy?”
“And what is my dare?”
“I will dare you to kiss whoever you wish in the room.”

Alice almost jumped over the table and pinned Becky to the chair. It looked like a cheetah taking down a gazelle it was so fast. Becky gasped and Alice pinned her back and moved in for the kill. I could see that smolder hunger in my wife’s eyes as Becky relaxed and let her start kissing her. I could feel my cock budging against the shorts I was wearing. Then Alice let go of their embrace and slowly tugged back on Becky’s lower lip. Becky was lost in the moment as her eyes were still closed while her breathing was ragged and hungry.

“Well WOW!” Sandy burst out. “So Becky it’s not so bad when a woman kisses you?”

Becky’s head turned back and forth slowly forming a slow no. Her eyes were glued on my wife and with no warning as my wife took her seat Becky got up and walked over and returned the favor. I was sure the game was over as Becky pinned Alice to the chair and started kissing her. Sandy got up and walked over to where I was. I was watching Becky kiss with a hunger and desire, she was not holding back now. Sandy kneeled in front of my chair and moved my hand that had been absentmindedly rubbing my cock, replacing it with her own.

“I hope you don’t mind me lending you a hand.” She said in a deep sultry voice.
“No I don’t not at all.” I said gasping as her nails ran along my thigh

Becky let my wife run her hands all over her breast and slowly pull up her shirt. I was enjoying my own attention as Sandy was now nibbling her way where her nails had just run. Sandy ran her hands over my cock and then pulled on the waist band of my shorts. I needed no more coxing as I lifted my hips for her, then she tugged the shorts down as my cock sprang free.

“Not bad, I can work with this.” Sandy said as she looked up with a smile.

As she positioned herself I looked and saw Becky and Alice had slipped to the floor. Alice had her pinned and was devouring Becky’s amazing breast. My view was very short lived as Sandy pulled the leaver on the side of my chair and it reclined back. As she straddled my face I could see she wasn’t wearing panties under her short skirt. She hiked it up as she got into her final position and her pussy was in, or more on my face. I gave a few slow licks testing the waters as her hand gripped my cock and began to stroke me. For a moment we played a little game of teasing cat and mouse then I felt her mouth take the head of my cock and I was loving it. I started to lick and kiss the beautiful lips in front of me. It took some work but I got my arm in position and was able to use my fingers to explore deeper into her wetness. I found a spot inside her that made her buck and moan on my cock, that moan sent me over the edge. I tried to give a warning but Sandy pushed herself down harder on my face and I was licking and using my tongue in her like a mad man. I could feel her gulp down my load then he rose up and really began to grind hard. She exploded soon after, her juices soaking my face, getting trapped in my got facial hair. I gasped for air when she finally got up and then looked down at me from between her breast. I could tell that look, she was just getting started good and I was not about to let her loose.

Becky and Alice were going at it, I could now hear their moans. Sandy looked up and cheered them on.

“Go Becky, damn it girl you can lick the hell out of a pussy!”

Hearing Alice’s mews I knew she was getting close, Becky must have been really giving her a workout with that soft pink tongue. I knew what I wanted, more of that wet pussy that was still hovering over me. My hands locked into her hips and pulled her back down to my face as I started slow licks, teasing and tormenting her while my finger now did slow circles around Sandy’s tight ass. Sandy was just enjoying it. Letting my tongue and fingers bring her pleasure as she moaned and sometimes pushed against my face. A sharp shriek and high pitch scream came from Becky. I froze not knowing what happened. In fact we all stopped.

“You ok Becky?” Sandy asked
“Wha…whaa…wow. So that is what an orgasm feels like.” Becky said panting and still shaking. “No wonder you are such a slut Sandy.”

We all laughed. We decided to stop our current positions to sit in a circle. Becky was still looking very bleary eyed as she sat up and didn’t move. Alice had her hand on Becky’s back for support.

“You are telling me you are 28 and never had an orgasm before?” Sandy asked. “Damn girl that is why you are always so on edge all the time.”
Are you ok?” Alice was a bit more compassionate.

Becky turned and looked at Alice, it was easy to see the lost girl look in Becky’ face. Alice just sat there rubbing Becky’s back and stroking her hair. It was easy to see Sandy was uncomfortable with the moment, she was a woman of action and always brash. I stood up and took Sandy’s arm.

“Come on let’s go and give them a moment. Plus I have some cool toys to show you.”

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    Great Erotica! Is There a Chance of This Story Continued on Literotica or Somewhere Else?

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