It Was Only a Kiss

Black capital M on a red back ground - M is for Malflic

It was only a kiss…

It was only a kiss, as the song said.
It was on my cheek at that, nothing sensual, sexual or lurid.
Yet it shocked me.

It was unexpected,
Innocent and filled with joy.
My heart jumped, pulse raced and just perhaps
It was all so unexpected that I suddenly felt young again.

And maybe somewhere deep down,
Hidden and unacknowledged
I had wondered what it would be like to have her kiss me.

But it was only a kiss.
There will never be another like that one.
Yet I will savor it.

About Malflic

Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.